Have you just started using The Raiser’s Edge? Need help navigating your new software and learning the basics? Read our Raiser’s Edge beginner tips to help you get started with your fundraising database.

6 Raisers Edge Tips for Beginners

6 Tips for Raiser’s Edge Beginners


Using the Right Click

On many Raiser’s Edge screens, you can right-click with your mouse (or laptop mousepad) to easily access tasks without having to go through the menu or toolbar.

For example, if you right-click within the Constituent record, addresses tab grid, you can quickly opt to export the grid, print the addresses, select the columns to appear in the grid, and more.


Organize Your Raiser’s Edge Homepage

The homepage of your Raiser’s Edge database should be set up like your office workspace: clean, organized, and easy access to important items. It should also be personalized to your user experience, as each user can have a different homepage setup.

Here are a few ways to organize your Raiser’s Edge homepage:

  • Favorite dashboards, reminders, campaigns for easy access from the homepage;
  • Use folders to organize data/information;
  • Review ‘User Options’ for more customization preferences.

*Try to organize your homepage with one click in mind, meaning you only have to make one click on the homepage to get to important information.


Customize Your Dashboards

Dashboards are perfect for quickly and easily viewing your organization’s data. You can set up several unique dashboards to be able to see views like Daily Gifts, Fund Summary, Campaign Summary, and any other views that are important to you.

You can also create a dashboard for commonly run queries. If you create the dashboard using a dynamic query, your data will automatically update when the dashboard updates.


Raiser’s Edge Keyboard Shortcuts

The following keyboard shortcuts can make updating your Raiser’s Edge database quick and easy:

  • Crtl + L – Save and Close
  • Crtl + S – Save
  • Crtl + F – Find
  • Crtl + E – Save and New
  • Crtl + T – Annotate
  • Crtl + A – Select All
  • F1 – Help
  • F2 – Inserts default value in Batch
  • F3 – Insert today’s date into a date field
  • F5 – Timestamp on a notepad / Refreshes batches and grids
  • F7 – Lookup Records, Access calendar for date field, Access calculator, Zooms into specific fields


Be Consistent with your Data

It’s extremely important that your data is consistent and accurate. If records are entered with inconsistent values it will be difficult to make sense of reports, which can hinder your overall fundraising campaigns.

The Raiser’s Edge database is smart; however it can only work with the values entered into its system. By keeping records clean and consistent, you’ll be able to maximize your fundraising performance.

*Set up data entry protocols. This will help your organization keep records consistent and reduce errors.


Play with the Raiser’s Edge Sample Database

The Raiser’s Edge is a powerful fundraising database. While it can seem intimidating at first, the more you play around with the software the better you’ll be at creating custom reports, learning about your donors, and becoming a Raiser’s Edge expert.

*The Raiser’s Edge comes with a sample database that you can use to practice basic RE concepts. Within the sample database you can safely create and edit records without having to worry about modifying your real data.

Need Help Learning Raiser’s Edge?

Our Raiser’s Edge experts are to help! We offer Raiser’s Edge training and consulting to help nonprofit organizations understand and use their fundraising database. Learn more about our Raiser’s Edge training and consulting services by contacting Andy Thorson: athorson@capitalbusiness.net or 888.366.7527 x 26.