MIP Fund Accounting® Financial Management Software

MIP Fund Accounting® (formerly Abila MIP) software is the preferred fund accounting and financial management software solution used by nonprofits to plan budgets, maximize their grants, maintain payroll, and create accurate, custom reports in minutes!

MIP Fund Accounting® software makes nonprofit financial management more streamlined and less time consuming for organizations that need to track and report on multiple funds across multiple budget periods to meet their reporting requirements and demonstrate accountability. It is purpose-built to meet the fund accounting needs of all types of organizations, from community action nonprofits to healthcare organizations.

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MIP Fund Accounting® Helps Strengthen, Streamline, & Simplify

MIP Fund Accounting® is award-winning nonprofit accounting software that’s used in charities, schools, hospitals, and government agencies because it is uniquely designed to addresses specific needs such as tracking and reporting on individual funds from multiple sources and complying with FASB, GASB, and other reporting requirements.

MIP Fund Accounting® is 30 Years Strong

With its flexible system setup and built-in reporting, MIP Fund Accounting® helps your organization master its critical accounting and administration tasks. This product provides more than accuracy; it gives the quality and service that results in greater accountability, effective management of funds, and more time to focus on your cause.

  • Complete Financial Management: Streamline daily tasks with an integrated financial management software system. Quickly produce accurate, customized reports to comply with government, grant, and internal reporting requirements, and respond to auditor requests.
  • Accountability and Stewardship: Demonstrate financial responsibility to satisfy internal and external requirements by producing the reports you need quickly and easily.
  • Budgeting, Forecasting, and Planning: Create, plan, and monitor customized budgets for grants, programs, and departments. Calculate the forecasted financial position, monitor budgets, and analyze “What if” scenarios to foster smarter decision making.
  • Effective Grant Management: Maximize funding potential and provide transparency at all levels with Grant Management. This web-based grant receiving solution uniquely combines development, contact, and financial data to improve grant pipeline management while optimizing success tracking.
  • Simplified Human Resource Management: Fully integrated Human Resource Management module allows you to track, manage, and report quickly and easily while maintaining federal and state compliance and securely e-file tax forms. Web-based employee portal provides efficient and automated timesheet management and online employee data access.
  • Intuitive for Accountants & Customizable for Organizations: Customize the system to fit your work habits and your mission—not the other way around. When you open the MIP Fund Accounting® system, you’re greeted with the information that is most important to you. You can tailor entry fields, highlight required fields, save your favorite reports for easy access, create shortcuts to other applications, and perform tasks more efficiently than ever before.
  • Up-to-the-Minute Analysis and Reporting: Comply with the critical reporting requirements of auditors, internal management, funding sources, and your board of directors with the flexible, robust report writer. Demonstrate your organization’s financial responsibility by displaying critical data in presentable, easy-to-distribute reports.
  • Run comprehensive reports: Produce a wide selection of standard reports such as FASB-or GASB-compliant, audit-ready financial statements. Easily report on multiple fiscal years in the same report or create reports that cross fiscal years.
  • Monitor organizational performance: With financial dashboards, you can slice and dice, drill up, down, and across information to fully analyze trends, budgets, spending ratios, and more.
  • Extensive Budget Controls: MIP gives you the power to manage an unlimited number of budgets. Easily review budgeted amounts, dollars spent, committed funds, and available budget. Produce comparative statements for your management staff and board of directors illustrating the budget to actual position for your programs, grants, departments, and other cost centers. Estimate future periods and calculate forecasted financial position, including analyzing “what-if” scenarios for better decision making.
  • Self-Balancing, Flexible Chart of Accounts: The table-driven chart of accounts structure in MIP Fund Accounting is uniquely valuable to nonprofits and governments. By customizing your chart of accounts, you eliminate the need to manually enter each possible string of account combinations for every new source of funding. This saves time each time you start a new project. You can record funds, grants, programs, contributors, and more with an unlimited number of segments.
  • Access and Control: Maintain data access with built-in options ranging from role-based security to account-level security. You can set security limits, allowing specific departments or users, such as temporary employees, to see only the dashboards and data pertinent to their duties. Reduce time spent on pulling reports for senior management. Give your board members, directors, and key executives direct access to the financial reporting, graphs, and data they need with the report-only Executive View licensing option.
  • Build Your Own System: This system’s modular structure gives organizations the opportunity to purchase only the functional areas they require. As your organization develops, adding specialized modules can address the needs that come with expansion and growth. And MIP Fund Accounting maintains the integrity of existing data any time additional modules are installed, giving you a solid foundation for financial accountability.
  • Flexibility and Choice: On-Premises or Cloud Solutions with MIP. MIP Fund Accounting is offered as an on-premises application or fully managed hosted solution—it’s your choice. Hosting with MIP allows you and your team access to your application and data from anywhere over the Internet while alleviating IT burdens from your staff. Your data is secure, backed up, and monitored, with guaranteed Service-Level Agreements (SLAs). With no need to deploy or maintain a server, hosting lowers your total cost of ownership, while increasing the accessibility and flexibility of MIP Fund Accounting. No matter which you choose, Community Brands Professional Services and Certified Business Partners are there every step of the way to help your organization get up and running quickly and efficiently.

MIP® Training and Consulting Services

Capital Business Solutions has been serving clients nationwide in the nonprofit and public sector for over 25 years.

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Our MIP® training and consulting are unique, assigning a single MIP® consultant to your organization throughout your training and/or consulting process. Our training consultants have extensive experience; whether you need basic or advanced training, a new implementation or reimplementation, system review or a system upgrade, your consultant will provide consistency and stability throughout the transition.

MIP Fund Accounting Business Partner

Implementation and Training Services

abila mip implementationOur unique approach involves assigning a single consultant to your organization who will assist you throughout the implementation process from initial needs assessment to configuration, training and satisfying the unique needs of your organization.

Our “single source” approach to implementations provides consistency and stability throughout your transition to new software. As your needs become more advanced beyond the initial implementation, we offer training focused on advanced topics and how to further leverage features of the software.

New users will obtain the training needed to successfully perform their duties. You may wish to plan on periodic training services to protect your software investment and make the best use of the system.

System Review and Evaluating Whether a New Module Makes Sense

analyzing abila mip setupOur system review services provide recommendations on how your organization can better leverage the software. Because of our experience and knowledge acquired by working with similar organizations, we can discuss pertinent benefits of adding additional modules. We can also recommend supplemental or advanced training, upgrades, and adjustments to your setup. Your review will contain information on how to take full advantage of your software investment.

Upgrading Your System

upgrading abila mipWe offer implementation packages designed to smoothly upgrade you to the latest product offerings. Our upgrade services provide expertise and training to allow you to take advantage of the latest features and enhancements. You will benefit from having a solid upgrade “PLAN” that addresses each critical step while minimizing workplace disruptions. Our implementation specialist will work closely with you from Planning through Training to make sure you are successful every step of the way.

Redesigning Your Accounting System to Better Meet Your Organization’s Needs

redesigning abila mip accounting systemYou may benefit from changes to your software setup. A carefully planned setup is the key ingredient for obtaining the desired results from any financial system. We have found that system design is the number one difference between successful and unsuccessful users. Our re-design services focus on your needs and obtaining the most from your accounting system.

A Few MIP® Consulting Clients

We have helped a variety of nonprofit organizations enhance their MIP® software.

Abila MIP Client NC New Schools

Hampton Roads Community Health Center Abila MIP

Autism Services Center of WV Abila MIP

Meet Your MIP® Consultants

Abila MIP ConsultantJason Simpkins graduated from Bluefield State College in Bluefield, WV in 2000 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, specializing in Accounting and Management. Since then, Jason worked as an accountant for a CPA firm whose audits consisted primarily of nonprofit and government entities. He also served as a controller for a manufacturing/building company, managing the accounting department and being responsible for month end closing and financial statements for 14 separate companies. Today, Jason uses his nonprofit and accounting skills as an Implementation Specialist and Consultant for MIP Fund Accounting® and Blackbaud Financial Edge.

Abila MIP Consultant NCJoon Groh brings 15 plus years of nonprofit financial management experience to Capital Business Solutions. Based out of Springfield, Missouri, Joon has been providing consulting and implementation services for the MIP Fund Accounting® product for more than 7 years. In addition to having a strong background with MIP® software technology, Joon is a Certified Community Action Professional having worked as the Finance Director of a Community Action Program for five years. Joon holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business from Emporia State University with a Major in Finance and a Minor in Computer Information Systems.

“We have really liked the work your teams has done, and Joon has been particularly helpful to us.”

Shawn Mummert – Cincinnati Museum Center

“Jason is fantastic!”

– The staff at McNairy County Developmental Services Center

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