Power Cloud Reporting Overview

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If you’re using Financial Edge NXT for your nonprofit organization’s accounting software platform, and you find that it doesn’t offer the reporting solutions you need, Capital Business Solutions can help. We have spent over 25 years working with Blackbaud applications and are dedicated to providing third-party tools that supplement and support your accounting and reporting needs. Our latest solution is Power Cloud Reporting, a cloud platform that integrates Financial Edge NXT and Microsoft Excel to expand your reporting options without increasing your workload or creating unnecessary complexities.

Power Cloud Reporting is built with an Excel interface and offers the familiarity from Financial Edge NXT while providing advanced and extensive reporting capabilities. This allows you to achieve greater insight into your organization’s finances, create improved reports for your team and board of directors, and successfully manage budgets and forecasts based on real-time data.

Introduction to Power Cloud Reporting for Financial Edge NXT

Power Cloud Reporting Features

  • Use Drill Around to find in-depth transaction details, accounts, projects, budget scenarios, and corresponding invoices;
  • Statistical reporting;
  • Consolidate multiple Financial Edge databases;
  • Tailored layouts including Charts, Graphs, and Excel Formulas;
  • Included security features to restrict user access to specific reports, layouts, and segments or projects;
  • Generate income statements for funds, departments, and projects on separate Excel sheets;
  • Budget vs. actual reporting

We don’t just make it easy for managers and the accounting team to create and run new reports, this is a user-friendly platform that allows you to empower your staff across departments to run their own reports. Plus, it’s priced to keep your reporting costs under budget and accessible for your organization.

Power Cloud Reporting Training

Capital Business Solutions doesn’t just connect you with accounting and reporting software for your nonprofit. We offer best-in-class support and training so you’re comfortable to use every aspect of the platform’s features and are able to train others in how to use it. Sign up for a free 45-minute webcast and demonstration to learn how Power Cloud Reporting is the best option for your organization.

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