NXT Time

In the fast-paced world of finance and nonprofit management, optimizing your organization’s time and resources is paramount. That’s why our experts in nonprofit accounting and fundraising software are thrilled to present NXT Time, the groundbreaking software solution from Capital Business Solutions that revolutionizes time tracking and time budgeting for your grants and projects within the Financial Edge NXT system.

NXT Time is not just another software– it’s a game-changer that empowers your non-profit organization to streamline operations, reduce reliance on external spreadsheets, and ensure compliance effortlessly. Let’s take a closer look into the features that make NXT Time the ultimate choice for integrated time sheets and managing time budgets.

Seamless Integration with Financial Edge NXT’s General Ledger

NXT Time seamlessly integrates with Financial Edge NXT’s general ledger, ensuring your financial data is always up to date and accurate. No more manual data entry or reconciliation headaches. With NXT Time, your time based, financial data flows effortlessly between systems.

Timesheet Tracking

Flexible Timesheet Tracking

Say goodbye to rigid timesheet tracking and effort-intensive spreadsheets. NXT Time empowers you to track timesheets to any segment or combination of segments in your Financial Edge chart of accounts. Whether you’re monitoring projects, grants, or transaction codes, NXT Time adapts to your unique needs.

Robust Approval Routing

NXT Time offers a sophisticated approval routing system that supports up to five levels of approval. Ensure that every timesheet is reviewed and approved by the right personnel, enhancing accountability and compliance within your organization.

Approval routing system
Effortless Leave Tracking

Effortless Leave Tracking

Managing employee leave has never been easier. NXT Time enables you to track leave time, process leave requests, and gain approvals seamlessly. Say goodbye to the complexities of leave management with this fully integrated software solution.

Advanced Allocation Engine

NXT Time’s allocation engine provides unparalleled flexibility. Allocate employee wages, leave, and benefits to the general ledger based on hours worked or fixed percentages. Effortlessly optimize your time-based, budget allocation strategy for your grants and programs.

Allocation Engine

Budget Rules and Scenarios

Create, time based, budgets for grants, projects, and more with ease. NXT Time offers, time based, Budget Rules and Budget Scenarios, enabling you to fine-tune your financial plans and track them accurately.

Precise Budget Tracking and Enforcement

Track and enforce, time based, budgets with precision. NXT Time allows you to monitor budgets by employee, pay period, calendar year, or grant period, ensuring that your grant and program benchmarks are attained.

Enhanced General Ledger Security

Enhanced General Ledger Security

NXT Time enhances security by restricting employee access to specific departmental areas within the general ledger. Protect sensitive financial data and maintain confidentiality for your non-profit organization effortlessly.

Automated Journal Entry Creation

Say goodbye to manual, time based, journal entries. NXT Time automates journal entry creation for the Financial Edge NXT system, reducing errors and saving you time.

Automated Journal Entry Creation

Contact Our Financial Management Experts for NXT Time Software Integration for Non-Profits

NXT Time is more than just a software solution– it’s a catalyst for success in financial management for non-profits. With its seamless integration, flexible features, and robust capabilities, NXT Time empowers your organization to achieve peak efficiency and most importantly, grant and program compliance.

Unlock the full potential of your Financial Edge NXT software system training with NXT Time from Capital Business Solutions. 
Experience the future of integrated time sheets and financial management today by contacting Bob Schilling, Director of Client Success at Capital Business Solutions by calling (919)821-1244 or emailing bob.schilling@capitalbusiness.net.

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