Accounting Software Solutions for Healthcare Organizations

As a healthcare organization, your main goal is the health and welfare of your clients as well as educating the community on healthy living. Sometimes, however, it can feel like you’re spending more time on your fund accounting and financial tasks rather than focusing on patient care and service.

Capital Business Solutions recommends MIP Fund Accounting™ or Financial Edge NXT for healthcare organizations. Both are robust fund accounting and financial management solutions that understand the unique needs of Federally Qualified Healthcare Centers and other healthcare related organizations. Their easy-to-use interface and ability to be completely customized to each organization allows hospitals and healthcare professionals to focus on what matters most: providing quality healthcare services.

MIP™  and Financial Edge NXT for Healthcare Organizations

MIP Fund Accounting™ and Financial Edge NXT are award-winning software platforms preferred by most nonprofit professionals. Their flexibility and custom-built features enable hospitals to master critical accounting and administration tasks, resulting in greater accountability, effective fund management, and more time spent on servicing the health of your community.

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Features & Benefits for Healthcare Organizations

  • MIP™ and Financial Edge NXT are integrated financial management software systems which streamline and simplify your daily fund accounting and financial tasks;
  • Create customized budgets and reports on your grants, programs, and departments to meet the needs of your internal and external stakeholders, and demonstrate financial responsibility;
  • Calculate forecasted financial positions and ‘what-if’ scenarios to make smarter decisions;
  • Maintain clear audit trails, no matter how complex the fund appropriation gets, to stay on top of auditor requests and external requirements;
  • Track, manage and report on various Human Resource needs using a web-based portal to improve and automate specific tasks.

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