best-practices-for-financial-edgeThe Financial Edge is one of the hottest nonprofit accounting software solutions on the market. It was designed specifically for nonprofit organizations, supporting their financial, fundraising, and grant management goals to ensure they stay on track – not only for themselves internally, but for their mission as well.

Here are some tips to help you maximize the efforts of your nonprofit accounting software!

Financial Edge Software Tips

Use for Budgeting & Forecasting
It’s critical for nonprofit organizations to be on top of their budgeting and expenses. One slip can be detrimental to the entire mission. Luckily, The Financial Edge allows nonprofit organizations to track and organize budgeting information all in one place. Nonprofits can segment their expenses by department, program, project, and more – giving them more insight into their expenses and allowing them to forecast accurately.

Use for Grant Management
Grant management involves more than just curating donors for your cause. The Financial Edge helps nonprofits manage the entire grant management process, from the actual grant writing to the analyzing, reporting and maintaining of the support. Using the software for grant management purposes, in addition to budgeting and forecasting, will help nonprofits see better long term, helping them reach their fundraising goals quicker and more efficiently.

Use for Reporting
Reporting is necessary to show the board of directors, loyal supporters and donors what your organization has been able to accomplish. The Financial Edge software helps you easily create your reports and financial statements, and send them to the necessary people. You can also use the reports in-house to see how certain departments, projects, groups are doing.

The Financial Edge software is a one-of-a-kind solution, giving you and your nonprofit more control over what’s important and allowing to focus more time and energy on your mission.

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