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Maintaining Your Nonprofit During COVID-19 Pandemic

Times are always challenging when you’re operating a nonprofit organization. However, around mid-March, as COVID-19 began to sweep the nation, stay-at-home orders were implemented, and all of a sudden millions of people lost their jobs and a stable economy became uncertain. While nonprofits have successfully navigated economic downturns in the past, this is an especially […]

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How to File a Form 990 as a Nonprofit

If you are operating a tax-exempt organization, or you’re doing the accounting and bookkeeping, you don’t have to file a standard tax return showing your income and expenses. However, you most likely will have to file the Form 990 with the IRS. To help you understand this better, our nonprofit accounting software consulting team is […]

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avoiding free fund accounting software

3 Reasons to Avoid Free Nonprofit Accounting Software

If you have a small non-profit organization, whether a small church, local animal rescue, or state-sponsored organization, you’re probably always looking for ways to cut costs. With money being so tight and wanting as much to go into your mission as possible, you’re on the lookout for as much free stuff as possible. We don’t […]

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how museums can generate more income

5 Ways Museums Can Bring in More Income

Museums are notoriously underfunded, especially smaller museums that don’t get a lot (or any) funding from their local, state, or federal government. Keeping museums accessible is important for most institutions, which prevents them from raising admission fees (or enacting admission fees at all). Income is crucial to a museum, however. Artifact care and conservation, exhibit […]

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Capital Business Solutions earns Blackbaud 2019 FinTech Channel Partner of the Year Award

Blackbaud recognizes partner technology for exceptional leadership and innovation: On the eve of bbcon, Blackbaud announced Doing Good Digital, LLC as its 2019 Fundraising Channel Partner of the Year, Capital Business Solutions as its 2019 FinTech Channel Partner of the Year and VolunteerHub as its 2019 ISV Partner of the Year. Every year, Blackbaud recognizes […]

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how to raise awareness for nonprofits

How to Raise Awareness for Your Nonprofit Organization

If you work in the non-profit sector, you’re familiar with the concept of raising awareness. Awareness campaigns are designed to educate the public about a cause, issue, or organization. There has been a lot of discussion about the effectiveness of awareness campaigns and whether they’re worth it. Unlike fundraising campaigns or volunteer recruitment, which can […]

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