2020 Blackbaud Security Breach

It’s not uncommon for companies, software companies in particular, to be targeted by hackers in an attempt to gain information. While Blackbaud successfully defends themselves against constant threats each day, hackers continually get more sophisticated in their attempt to access data. In May of 2020, Blackbaud was hacked with ransomware, a program that would lock down their data and servers until a ransom is paid, wherein the hacker would open company access again.

Will Blackbaud’s Security Breach Affect You?

While the cybersecurity team, partnered with cyberforensics experts and law enforcement, were able to stop the hacker from locking down system access and getting encrypted files, the person did remove a copy of a subset of data. They didn’t access credit card, banking, or social security information, but Blackbaud did pay them to destroy the information they did access, as well as proof they destroyed it.

In the Blackbaud data breach statement, they did want to reassure customers that their research, coupled with an investigation from law enforcement, showed there was no data that went beyond the original hacker, nor did they share that information. Also, none of the solutions in the public cloud environment from Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services make it into their hands.

Does Blackbaud’s Data Breach Mean They’re Not Secure?

It’s common to think that a data breach means a company isn’t secure and they can’t be trusted with your data. However, many companies who are victims of cybercrime use that experience to implement changes to prevent this issue from reoccurring. Blackbaud is a part of the Cloud Security Alliance and Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC), giving them the opportunity to team up with other experts to gain more insight and tactical threat information to better defend their data. In addition to implementing world-class security and risk-management protocols, they regularly assess their products against the Cloud Security Alliance Consensus Assessment Initiative Questionnaire. They strive to make protecting your data a top priority and are utilizing the NSA’s Defense in Depth techniques to prevent further issues.

Is Your Data at Risk after Blackbaud’s Security Breach?

No matter how many tools Blackbaud’s uses to keep your data safe, we understand that their previous data breach gives you concern. While any data that was taken was deleted, information about name, date of birth, email addresses, and even personal data elements were a part of the file, which means you could be targeted for phishing and malware.

Also, any customer who was a part of this incident has been notified and was given additional information and resources related to identity theft monitoring. If you are concerned, the main threat appears to be phishing and malware, so the best way to protect yourself is to only open emails from reliable sources.

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