Learning the ins and outs of your MIP software can be challenging. The software is continually updated based on user feedback, bug fixes, security accommodations, and more.

So whether you need a quick refresher or are learning MIP for the first time, the following tutorials and resources can help you maximize your nonprofit accounting software experience.

Abila MIP Tutorials

Resources and Tutorials on MIP Software

Resource Section

Offering a wealth of information on their website. From their blog to their webinars, their resources can help you stay updated on the latest software features and learn new ways to streamline your accounting processes.

Training Videos on MIP

Training videos can be really helpful when figuring out how to do specific tasks. And the same is true when trying to navigate your accounting platform. Below are a few of our favorite MIP training videos:

eFocus Series

As a Certified Consultant, we also offer a series of training videos. Our eFocus Series targets specific tasks or features of the platform and shares best practices, tips, and tricks.

You can view our upcoming webinars here.

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