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Why Choose a Blackbaud Channel Partner?

As a Blackbaud channel partner, our non-profit accounting specialists have the expertise, resources, and experience to provide comprehensive nonprofit solutions to organizations of all sizes and types. To assist you in finding the best Blackbaud channel partner for your non-profit organization, we will highlight some of the key factors to consider when choosing a channel partner and how Capital Business Solutions can help keep your non-profit’s goals on track.

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The Ultimate Guide for Nonprofit Accounting Software Features for Beginners

Nonprofit accounting software is a specialized version of accounting software that’s tailored to your unique business needs. Nonprofit organizations, churches, and charities use a special type of fund accounting software. Due to the nature of their work and the people they serve, nonprofits often have more complex financial needs. While most for-profit businesses can use […]

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Project Management for Software Implementation

Nonprofits face unique financial pressures. They must manage donations from individuals according to government regulations. Many organizations feel the weight of this dual responsibility to donors and regulators. Finances must be managed carefully and charitable donors remain uniquely invested in how their donations are being used. With this in mind, specialist accounting software for charities […]

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Capital Business Solutions earns Blackbaud 2019 FinTech Channel Partner of the Year Award

We’re proud to be awarded the 2019 FinTech Channel Partner of the Year by Blackbaud.

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Are Your Accounting Tools Up to the Nonprofit Challenge?

Are Your Accounting Tools Up to the Nonprofit Challenge? Interview originally published on by Adam Bluemner Back in 1980, the following quote appeared in an issue of the Harvard Business Review:         Some things never change! Undoubtedly, the very same organizational challenges face nonprofit organizations today. But perhaps somewhat more surprisingly, at many […]

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