Event planning can be stressful, especially for nonprofit organizations that are using the event to raise money for their cause. However nonprofits can use their Raiser’s Edge software to help them plan, saving time and frustration.

Use these tips (and your RE software) as you’re planning your next event.

Event Planning Tips Using Raiser’s Edge Software

  • Automate Your To Do List – Stop using pen and paper to keep yourself organized while planning. Instead use the ‘Actions’ tab in RE to record your to-do’s, reminders, etc.
  • Group Seating – Seating large groups together doesn’t have to be complicated. Create an event group in your seating tool for each of your different parties, then drag and drop the right people into that group. Then you can use auto seating and your groups will all be seated together.
  • Inactivate Last Year’s Event – Prevent attendees from registering for last year’s event by marking it as inactive. You won’t be able to add any more data to that event, however you’ll still have access to the summary, letting you compare your new event to last year’s.
  • Track Performance – Before, during and after your event, use the event summary page to see how well your event is doing. You can view your financial summary, attendees, specific donation amounts, and actively compare your current event to previous events.

Want more tips? Watch the video below for more advice on planning your next nonprofit event.

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