See What the Future of Cloud Fund Accounting Looks Like

financial edge nxt screenshotReady for an accounting software that’s up to the challenge of bi-directional fund management? With Financial Edge NXT or MIP,  you’ll get the accounting controls and reports you need to manage donor contributions, as well as the financial tracking of distributed funds.

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Specialized Fund Accounting Software Perfect for Foundations

As a foundation in today’s philanthropy landscape, you’re under growing scrutiny to provide fiscal transparency at every level. Capital Business Solutions can help you make the most out of your software investment so you can make smart strategic decisions, achieve the highest level of transparency, and evaluate the performance of every grant, investment, and fund in real-time. With Financial Edge NXT or MIP, you can:

  • Evaluate the success of investments and allocate earnings and fees to participants in investment pools
  • Instantly verify to donors how gifts are spent and determine how funds are divided among programs
  • Improve reporting accuracy and efficiency by producing FAS117 reports directly from the system, eliminating the margin for error from exporting data to spreadsheets
  • Manage applications for grants, monitor how recipients are spending grants, and report on the results

Take Control of Your Financial Management

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