ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software integrates different departmental processes all into one suite. While it is most commonly used in for-profit businesses, more nonprofits are starting to configure ERP systems into their organizations.

Want to know why ERP software is advantageous for nonprofits? Keep reading!

Benefits of ERP Software for Nonprofits

5 Benefits of ERP Software for Nonprofits

One System for the Whole Organization

ERP software can be comprised of different modules such as Human Resources, Marketing/Sales, CRM, Finance/Accounting, etc. – meaning you only need one (1) software setup for your entire organization.

This makes it easy on your individual departments, as they won’t need to buy and maintain their own software setups any longer. It’s also cheaper, too.

*Because ERP software uses modules, you can add or delete them as you need. You could also probably find a company to custom develop modules that are specific to your organization.

Improved Productivity

By using one software for your entire organization, you’re automatically improving communication and visibility between all departments – which directly impacts productivity.
Workflows between departments will be smoother and quicker, allowing your departments to work more efficiently.

Integrated into Your Current Infrastructure

There are two types of ERP software: cloud-based and traditional.

Cloud-based ERP software uses the Internet to access and store files. Traditional ERP software requires hard drive installation and office configuration.

Based on your exact needs, you can choose the type of ERP software that is right for you.

Better Reporting

Because all departments are using one software to record their data, it will be much easier to create and report on the status of your fundraising campaigns. Your Board of Directors and other integral nonprofit members can review reports quickly and easily.


Data recorded into your ERP software is safe and secure. And just in case of a server/hard drive crash, you can create and store backups of your data.

All transactions that happen within your software can be tracked, meaning there is a clear trail of what is happening at all times. You can also place restrictions on your data to ensure it stays accurate, consistent, and secure.

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