Capital Business Solutions has comprehensive consulting and training services for your nonprofit staff to learn to operate nonprofit fundraising software like pros. By learning everything you need to know to organize and maximize your team’s fundraising efforts, our software experts will guide you to implement the Raiser’s Edge and Raiser’s Edge NXT nonprofit fundraising software. 

With Raiser’s Edge nonprofit fundraising software, your organization’s fundraising efforts will become streamlined, efficient, and convenient, not only for you but also for your fundraising partners. 

With our expert training solutions in Raiser’s Edge software, your organization learns how to: 

  • Manage your donor relationships all in one place
  • Maximize your team’s outreach potential 
  • Increase donation amounts with ease and flexibility 
  • and more! 

To sign up your team for nonprofit fundraising software training, fill out our contact form or continue reading for more information on how Raiser’s Edge technology can improve your nonprofit’s fundraising efforts.  

What is Raiser’s Edge Nonprofit Fundraising Software? 

Raiser’s Edge is a cloud-based nonprofit fundraising software solution designed to manage any nonprofit organization’s fundraising and constituent relationship management (CRM) systems. Blackbaud’s Raiser’s Edge is designed specifically with nonprofits in mind, making it the perfect fundraising solution for your charitable business operation. 

Let’s explore how, once they receive top-tier software training, Raiser’s Edge nonprofit fundraising software will help your team become more successful in the management of your nonprofit’s fundraising efforts. 

Donor Management

Raiser’s Edge NXT nonprofit fundraising software allows you to improve your donor management strategies by using its many features to enrich and build fundraising relationships with your constituents. When you sign your fundraising team up to learn Raiser’s Edge’s donor management tools, you can expect our software experts to train your nonprofit team to operate the many features of the Raiser’s Edge NXT donor management system. 

These include training in how to: 

  • Build donor profiles. 
  • Add notes and tasks to donor profiles. 
  • Segment donors by shared characteristics. 
  • Build mass engagement campaigns. 
  • Utilize email marketing techniques for donor outreach. 
  • Read donor analytic data provided by the software. 

Nonprofit Fundraising

The advanced fundraising tools included in the Raiser’s Edge NXT nonprofit fundraising software allow nonprofit organizations to improve their fundraising reach and more easily reach their fundraising goals. From easily collecting donations to running multiple fundraising campaigns at once, you will learn everything you need to know to maximize the fundraising efforts of your nonprofit team by consulting with one of our Raiser’s Edge fundraising software trainers

Capital Business Solutions’ nonprofit fundraising software training for Raiser’s Edge will prepare your nonprofit staff to: 

  • Track vital fundraising data. 
  • Utilize tools for proposal tracking and pipeline management. 
  • Plan and launch fundraising campaigns. 
  • Streamline the administrative side of fundraising (no longer input information manually!)
  • Manage how donors give– from recurring gifts, planned gifts, pledged gifts, tributes, and crowdfunding. 


While your nonprofit organization may already have a reliable donor list, your team should always be looking to optimize new strategies for your business’ marketing techniques. Raiser Edge nonprofit fundraising software uses multichannel marketing techniques in order to analyze donor data and configure how to implement fundraising campaigns that will motivate your donors to support your cause. Knowing exactly what kinds of marketing campaigns to use, the language to use in your campaigns, and how to appeal to your potential donors will allow you to increase your donor list. As a result, the amount of money your nonprofit can raise will increase, allowing you to give more to the community or group you fundraise for. 

When you sign up for Capital Business Solutions’ Raiser’s Edge nonprofit fundraising software training and consulting, our fundraising software service professionals train your nonprofit fundraising team to design: 

  • Social media campaigns.
  • Email marketing campaigns.
  • Direct mail campaigns.
  • Online donation forms. 

Reporting and Analytics 

When running a nonprofit organization, it’s important to know how your fundraising efforts have performed by analyzing past data, then looking forward to how that data can inform you and your team to make adjustments to your strategies in the future. Additionally, being able to identify how to reach more leads and how to motivate potential donors to engage and ultimately give will help your nonprofit fundraising efforts focus on its continued future growth potential. 

Raiser’s Edge nonprofit fundraising software training with one of our experts from Capital Business Solutions will empower your fundraising team with the knowledge and skills to: 

  • Track nonprofit metrics. 
  • Analyze volunteer and member data. 
  • Generate customized reports on any aspect of your fundraising business engagements and solutions. 

Benefits of Raiser’s Edge Nonprofit Fundraising Software

Raiser’s Edge nonprofit fundraising software allows you to manage all of your nonprofit organization’s fundraising information in one place. With Raiser’s Edge and Raiser’s Edge NXT nonprofit fundraising software training, you can make your business’ fundraising efforts streamlined, efficient, and customizable. 

There are many benefits to choosing Raiser’s Edge as the choice for your nonprofit organization’s fundraising management software– from enriching the participation experience for members and donors to having access to the tools capable of analyzing donor history to build ongoing nonprofit fundraising campaigns and marketing events, your organization will be well equipped to impact the communities or groups you serve more efficiently and with more revenue when you choose Raiser’s Edge nonprofit fundraising software. 

The benefits of using Raiser’s Edge nonprofit fundraising software are: 

  • Revenue growth.
  • Improved productivity.
  • Advanced relationship-building capabilities.
  • Goal-setting strategies based on data collection and in-depth systems analysis.
  • Streamlined, all-in-one software solutions. 
  • Convenient mobile and web access for all users. 
  • Ability to integrate with third-party sites and systems. 
  • Advanced data security measures.
  • Visuals, reports, data outputs, and strategic planning using a 360-degree look at donor records. 
  • Fully customizable user experience to fit your nonprofit’s unique needs! 

Capital Business Solutions recommend contacting one of our knowledgeable and talented NXT fundraising software experts so that you and your fundraising team can start learning how to utilize the fundraising management tools that Raiser’s Edge nonprofit fundraising software has to offer. 

Capital Business Solutions’ Training for Nonprofit Fundraising Software

Capital Business Solutions’ nonprofit fundraising software training from our experienced industry professionals trains your team in how to utilize the Raiser’s Edge NXT nonprofit fundraising software in order to reach the goals set by your organization. No matter the base of knowledge of your nonprofit team, our training professionals are experts at delivering essential information to operate and maximize the benefits of Raiser Edge’s nonprofit fundraising software. 

Whether you and your staff are novices or have experience using nonprofit fundraising software already, the benefits of choosing Capital Business Solutions’ consultation and training services for the integration of nonprofit fundraising software are vast. 

Benefits of Capital Business Solutions’ Nonprofit Fundraising Software Training

When you sign up for our Raiser’s Edge NXT fundraising software training and integration, we guarantee you will receive: 

  • Tailored training that fits the unique needs of your business, donors, and employees. 
  • Comprehensive support in all aspects of the database and software. 
  • Better prices than our competition. 
  • The ability to convert data accurately and efficiently.
  • A customized service offering the best functionality for your system with connections to third-party systems you need to operate.
  • Links to other Blackbaud software systems if applicable. 

Our Experts Tailor Nonprofit Fundraising Software Training to You 

When we match your organization with one of our professional nonprofit fundraising software experts, you will continue to work with that individual continuously throughout the duration of your training services.

Our consultant will become familiarized with the operational framework of your business, allowing them to cater their nonprofit fundraising software training toward you and your team’s unique needs. Additionally, knowing your nonprofit’s fundraising goals and current strategies will help our expert guide your team through the steps needed to operate every part of the Raiser’s Edge nonprofit fundraising software systems. 

Our software consultants are experts at delivering challenging software knowledge to nonprofit professionals. The consultant assigned to your nonprofit team will provide you with the solutions needed to increase your donor revenue, enhance your marketing strategies to secure more donor relationships, enrich the relationships you already have, and utilize the nonprofit fundraising software system to get a full picture of the future growth of your fundraising efforts. 

Nonprofit Fundraising Software Training for Raiser’s Edge: FAQs 

Why should my nonprofit use fundraising-specific software? 

When you manually input donor data or use software that analyzes your metrics but is not designed specifically for fundraising, you are putting your nonprofit organization at a disadvantage. Because fundraising revenue is handled differently than for-profit revenue, it is important to have a nonprofit fundraising software system that can account for the unique characteristics of a not-for-profit business. 

Software designed specifically for fundraising organizations allows users to achieve their organization’s objectives without error or complication. Fundraising-specific software focuses on donor relationship building and how to appeal to donors to maximize your nonprofit’s reach and improve donation revenue. 

Is Raiser’s Edge nonprofit fundraising software right for my nonprofit? 

If you are looking for a way to improve your nonprofit organization’s fundraising efficiency, investing in customizable nonprofit fundraising software designed with your business goals in mind is key. Investing in your staff’s capabilities by training them to adopt the skills needed to effectively use the nonprofit fundraising software means the sky’s the limit for your future fundraising growth if you use Raiser’s Edge nonprofit fundraising software with training provided by Capital Business Solutions. 

What’s the difference between Raiser’s Edge and Raiser’s Edge NXT nonprofit fundraising software? 

Raiser’s Edge NXT nonprofit fundraising software is the upgraded version of the original Raiser’s Edge software. The upgraded version of NXT has: 

  • Unlimited user capacity.
  • A fresh and new interface. 
  • More sophisticated security measures. 
  • Increased and improved customer support, including live chat. 
  • A unique and customizable dashboard-building capability. 

What types of plans do you offer for nonprofit fundraising software training? 

It’s always best to speak with one of our expert consultants by contacting Capital Business Solutions, so we can determine the nonprofit fundraising software skill level of you and your team, learn about your current system structure for fundraising, and familiarize ourselves with your overall goals. 

Once we learn about you and your nonprofit’s fundraising needs, we can determine the best plan of action for consultation, training, and integration of the Raiser’s Edge nonprofit fundraising software training solutions we offer. 

Our nonprofit fundraising software consultation and training services usually cover all or some of the following components, based on your specific needs: 

  • Nonprofit software training
  • Evaluation & assessment of your current systems
  • Database cleanup
  • Custom Programming
  • ExtendedCare Plans
  • Upgrades and migrations for Raiser’s Edge NXT

What happens after Raiser’s Edge nonprofit fundraising software training is completed? 

Once completed, your staff should be able to efficiently utilize the tools integrated into your nonprofit’s system– allowing you and your team to reach new heights for your fundraising goals. On our end, Capital Business Solutions offers a continued line of communication with your consultation expert that includes user support, future system upgrades, and other services as needed for your nonprofit fundraising software. Reach out to one of our professionals to learn more! 

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Raiser’s Edge NXT nonprofit fundraising software is designed to analyze and improve your fundraising revenue, and to ease your operational efforts for you and your team. 

At Capital Business Solutions we believe in the best, most efficient nonprofit fundraising software to operate the management tools of your nonprofit organization– with Raiser’s Edge NXT nonprofit fundraising software, you are getting innovative technology, strategic fundraising solutions, and expert support in optimizing your outreach and bringing donations in.  

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