As 2014 comes to a close, people start looking for last-minute opportunities to make a charitable donation. If you are a nonprofit organization, now is the perfect time to target those who are in the spirit of giving.

Some nonprofits see as much as 60 percent of their donations during the last two days of the year. With people in the holiday spirit of giving, targeting the right audience with a creative and unique campaign can really drive your non-profit’s donations up to end the year on a positive note.


Here are a few ways your nonprofit can improve end of the year fundraising:

  • Send Donors Personalized Cards – When donors receive personalized cards, they feel like they are more than just another donor, they feel like they are actually an appreciated individual. People are more willing to make repeat donations if they feel like they’re more than just a source of money. Sending personalized cards shows that you take the time to appreciate and actually know individual donors. You can take it a step further, and hand write the notes for an even more personal touch.
  • Send Donors Online – Even communication done offline should lead people online. You can use a powerful video or story on your website to show donors how their contributions benefit real people. Potential donors are more willing to donate when they can see specific examples of how their money is being used.
  • Spread the Word Creatively – When getting the word out about your end of the year campaign, be creative! Use links to your non-profit’s social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Making options for donors to donate through social media pages only expands your each, and makes giving even easier. The more ways you can create an online buzz for your campaign, the larger the audience you can target.

In addition to using creative fundraising campaigns, it’s important to have the necessary fund accounting software to keep track of donations, grants, and more. Capital Business Solutions provides the necessary nonprofit accounting software, in addition to consulting and training services to help organizations maximize their efficiency and effectiveness. Learn more about our software and consulting services by calling 877-889-0629 or contacting us online.