virtual fundraising ideas for nonprofits

Even though more people are getting COVID vaccines and life is slowly returning to a semblance of normal, in-person gatherings and events are still a challenge. In the past year, we’ve seen virtual events become incredibly popular, allowing people to take part in experiences and gatherings in a safe way. It also seems like after COVID, virtual events will continue, allowing people from all over the world come together for a shared experience. You can use this to your advantage, which is why our nonprofit accounting software consulting firm is sharing four virtual fundraisers for your nonprofit.

Host a Virtual Raffle

Perfect for a church or local organization, a raffle is a fun way to promote local businesses while raising money. Reach out to local businesses and see if they can provide donations for services, such as HVAC system cleanings, lawn care, or an oil change, or try shops and restaurants for gift cards. Allow people to buy raffle tickets online through your standard donation system or use an app like SignUp to collect the payments. Promote your raffle to your email list, across social media, and see if the businesses donating prizes will promote on their pages, too. Don’t forget to collect contact information and announce when your drawing will be held!

Set Up an Online Auction

Similar to the raffle, you can generate a lot of fun and excitement with an online auction. Ask for donations for services and items from local businesses, and then create an online event with a virtual auction set up through a charity auction website like OneCause, Qgiv, or ClickBid. You can even turn it into a night to remember by creating a virtual gala with a live performer, keynote speaker, and formal attire – selling tickets will boost your revenue that much more.

Host a Live Concert or Event

People are missing live events, including concerts, plays, and stand-up shows. Fortunately, many artists and performers are getting back into the swing of performing by hosting live events through Zoom and selling tickets. Reach out to a local musician, stand-up comedian, or other performer and see if they’d be willing to do a charity show for your nonprofit organization, and sell tickets. Be sure to promote it to your email list and across social media (and remind the performer to do so, too!).

Not sure of any performers? Reach out to a local theater group to do a table read over Zoom and see if local celebrities will take part (like people from a news station, a city council member, or the head of the fire department).

Create a Virtual Tour

If admission at your museum, theater, or art center has been low, bring the venue to the people with a virtual tour. You’ll need good quality recording equipment and a strong internet connection to do a live stream, or you can pre-record the walk-through and add commentary live. Otherwise, walk guests through the exhibits, providing closeups of details, provide interesting information about the piece and the creator, and even provide some “behind-the-scenes” information, like what happens to a piece when it’s received or history of the building. You can sell tickets to your virtual tour, but you may find that asking for donations at a mid way point and again at the end would be more beneficial.

This can also work if you have an animal shelter, kids’ nonprofit, or a soup kitchen. Provide a tour of the facility, do a meet and greet with the animals or show how food is prepared for a large amount of people, and the work that goes in behind the scenes. This close-up look that shows how donations are turned into a mission and service can help drive additional revenue.

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