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how to raise awareness for nonprofits

How to Raise Awareness for Your Nonprofit Organization

If you work in the non-profit sector, you’re familiar with the concept of raising awareness. Awareness campaigns are designed to educate the public about a cause, issue, or organization. There has been a lot of discussion about the effectiveness of awareness campaigns and whether they’re worth it. Unlike fundraising campaigns or volunteer recruitment, which can […]

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books for nonprofit fundraisers

10 Great Summer Reads for Nonprofit Fundraisers

Summer vacation is a time that a lot of people take to catch up on those books they’ve been meaning to read. It can also be a great time to do a little professional development! To help you make the most of your summer reading time, we compiled a list of 10 must-read books for […]

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remote nonprofit workers

How Your Nonprofit Can Benefit From Remote Workers

You have probably noticed more and more companies offering the ability to work remotely as an employee perk over the past several years. Then there’s the rise of the digital nomad, people who only work remotely while traveling the world. Is working remotely a good fit for your nonprofit? And can nonprofits take advantage of […]

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Cold Calling Fundraising Tips for Nonprofits

8 Cold Calling Tips for Nonprofits

Cold-calling is a well-established fundraising method, but it’s also one of the scariest. Calling someone you don’t know and asking for money is anxiety-inducing, but it can be an effective way to meet your campaign goals…if you do it correctly!

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