Building trust is all about cultivating relationships. Think about it: how do you learn to trust your friends, neighbors or co-workers? You have conversations and share stories – slowly developing that trust til you’re the best of friends.

While you might not be the best of friends with your donors, building trust with them works the same way. Instead of throwing information at them and hoping it sticks, tell them a story about how you’re able to fulfill your mission with the donations you receive. They’re more likely to remember the story, maybe even re-tell it to others, and donate again when the time comes.

Developing Trust with Donors

Developing Trust with Donors

Below are some ways you can start to deepen your relationships with your current donors to ensure their continued loyalty.

  • Have a third party vet your organization. This can be a huge trust signal to current donors, showing them that credible sources recognize and support the work you are doing. Examples of third-party vendors are Charity Navigator and Charity Watch.
  • Ask well-known donors for statements/testimonials you can use in your marketing message. Testimonials, especially from well-liked individuals, can influence your donors to continue giving to your cause.
  • Boost your PR. Positive PR is one of the best ways to get your organization noticed, and can help strengthen your relationship with donors. Share your company happenings, donating milestones, and other important newsworthy things on social media, your blog, and other places where your news will be seen.
  • Use social media and digital marketing tactics to keep donors engaged. In addition to sharing company news and major milestones, use social media and newsletters to show donors what’s going behind the scenes. Share pictures of your team working a fundraiser or having fun at the office, donors will be able to relate and be more likely to continue donating.

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