Using Instagram to Improve Donor LoyaltyIt’s no secret that social networking is a big deal nowadays. From nonprofits to large corporations, using social media is vital for maintaining an authentic connection with customers, fans, volunteers and donors.

For a nonprofit, social media can be one way to stay connected to donors and improve donor loyalty. Instagram (an on-line photo/video sharing service) is a great avenue for nonprofits and there are several ways to utilize its benefits.

How does it look?
First and foremost, you must post a “good” photo or video. Is it high resolution (not blurry)? Is it eye catching? Try a variety of what is unique, unusual or candid. Staging photos is okay on occasion, but candid photos tell the best stories without you having to.

Get Personal
Authenticity is key when connecting with donors. Go behind the scenes, showing real people and real situations. Show not just what your nonprofit is doing, but also highlight volunteer work, employees and donors. Authenticity equals trust. Connect with them on a personal level and not just through their money.

Meet Them Where They Are
These days trending topics change monthly, daily and even hourly. What is trending? What is popular? If that means you weigh in on silly debates or post a photo for National Pet Day or Throwback Thursday then do it. Utilize hashtags, but don’t overdo it as you don’t want to be viewed as spam.

Engage with your donors that follow your Instagram account. Are they commenting on your content? Respond. Are they posting relevant photos to your mission? Repost their photos. Have a contest if you want. Another great way to engage is through redirection. Does your photo have a story behind it? If so, include a link redirecting to your website for further elaboration.

Tell a Story
The most important thing to do when using Instagram to improve donor loyalty is to tell compelling stories. Every photo and video should inspire, evoke emotion or initiate a call for action. Remind donors through your content what the common goal is and why they became involved in the first place. You want to make them feel something on a deeper level.

Posting photos and videos (with a reasonable amount of time between each) serves as a subtle reminder on one’s timeline of who you are and what you stand for. Connecting on that level is more likely to improve loyalty than solely sending an email asking for yearly donation renewals. Relationships are equally as important as the money. Instagram may not be the only outlet but it is certainly a beneficial one.