Using The Raiser’s Edge is an excellent way to understand your donor database. And with the Query module, you’ll be able to learn even more about your database. Below we share some query basics from Blackbaud, plus share a video with some examples.

What is a query?

According to Blackbaud, a query is a way of asking questions of your database. You can use queries with other modules to run reports and get more data.

What types of queries can be ran?

  • Constituent
  • Gift
  • Action
  • Appeal
  • Campaign
  • Event
  • Fund
  • Giving Score
  • Job
  • Membership
  • Participant
  • Relationship

How do I know what type of query to use?

It all depends on the record you are searching. The video below does a great job explaining (and showing) this.

What’s the difference between dynamic and static queries?

Dynamic queries are queries that update when they are used. They can be refreshed when you add new data to your database to give you the most up-to-date view of your data.

Static queries are queries that show your data at that exact point in time. They can not be refreshed to reflect additional data.

Can you remove duplicates when running queries?

Duplicates will be included if you have duplicates in your database. The best way to avoid duplicates is to modify the query.

Watch the video to learn more The Raiser’s Edge query basics