With the global COVID-19 pandemic changing the way most businesses operate, organizations were forced to find alternative solutions for their day-to-day management of employees, workload, and client relationships. For the non-profit sector, this was a particular challenge due to the fact that fundraising traditionally takes place in person, at annually scheduled events. At a fundraising event, donors learn about the goals of the non-profit business while fundraising teams network to secure donations for their charities. 

In 2020 non-profit businesses learned to adapt to a new approach to obtaining money for their charitable organizations: virtual fundraising. Since then, non-profit professionals continue to see the benefits of having a national and global reach far beyond their backyards and local communities, securing virtual fundraising efforts’ value in charitable spaces. 

Our experts in non-profit fundraising software at Capital Business Solutions have our recommendations for the best 15 online fundraising ideas for charities to build their donor databases and secure meaningful relationships and opportunities via virtual resources. 

What Are the Benefits of Non-Profit Online Fundraising for Charities? 

When a non-profit organization chooses to focus fundraising efforts in virtual spaces, there are benefits to both the non-profit but also to donors. 

Benefits to non-profit organizations who use non-profit online fundraising ideas: 

  • Access to donors worldwide. 
  • Cost-efficient fundraising. 
  • Ability to capture more donor information. 
  • Increase the visibility and awareness of your non-profit. 
  • Attracts new supporters. 
  • Offers a targeted approach to fundraising. 

Benefits for donors looking to contribute toward non-profit charitable organizations: 

  • Easy ability to give. 
  • Personal information is kept secure. 
  • Ability to set up recurring donations. 
  • Easily share and promote donations online. 

Non-profit Online Fundraising Ideas

When looking to utilize online fundraising ideas for non-profits, your organization can try a variety of strategies to reach donors and increase donations. Our non-profit software solutions consultants know the importance of maintaining meaningful, enriched relationships with donors. Versatile approaches to your marketing strategies as well as offering diversity in the ways you organize online charity events can maximize your non-profit fundraising efforts. 

Let’s explore some of our favorite ways to fundraise online for charitable organizations.  

#1 – Social Media Campaigns 

Marketing your non-profit organization online through the use of social media platforms is one of the most useful ways that companies can extend their reach to potential donors who otherwise may never know of their charitable efforts. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn, and more can help you promote and share keywords associated with your charity events and business. Depending on your targeted demographic and the types of donor relationships you are looking to build, a social media campaign allows users to interact and engage virtually, acquire followers and views, and carefully monitor the success of your fundraising approach. 

#2 – Email Campaigns 

Research shows that email marketing is stronger than ever, with the Global Trends in Giving Report asserting that 26% of online donors cite email campaigns as the type of digital marketing that most motivates them to give. Email is one of the universal forms of communication worldwide, allowing potential donors to receive targeted announcements and reminders of virtual events and giving opportunities. 

There are many ways to practice email marketing campaigns, from weekly newsletters about your organization’s success stories to personal stories about those affected directed by donations received, it allows potential givers to see your organization at a glance with regular reminders that you are there to receive. 

#3 – Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding focuses on acquiring small funds across a large group of people as opposed to an elite approach where fewer donors are targeted to receive higher donations. With crowdfunding, your organization can set up a donation page that is shared among social media platforms to promote your efforts. There are clearly defined monetary goals that viewers, donators, and your organization can view and track, allowing for a virtual community to come together through a secure and convenient platform. 

#4 – Amazon Smile 

It’s no secret that Amazon is one of the largest American companies with users around the world shopping for household items, everyday necessities, and more. When an organization sets up an Amazon Smile page, it allows users to choose your charity as their preferred donation choice for any purchase they make. Amazon Smile donates 0.5% of purchases to the non-profit business of the shopper’s choice, all you need to do is have a page that is accessible for users to choose your non-profit in order to start receiving fundraising for charities your business supports. 

#5 – Online Galas 

Gala dinners are one of the traditional ways that non-profit fundraising has existed for decades. With the shift toward virtual fundraising events, hosting an online version of a gala dinner is a great way to recognize and engage potential donors who support your fundraising efforts. 

An online gala dinner is formatted in the same way a live, in-person gala dinner would be. They include speakers and presenters, inspirational and educational information for attendees, raffles, donation requests, and anything else to make your virtual gala dinner a unique experience for your audience. From choosing themes, encouraging attendees to dress up in the comfort of their own homes, and providing entertainment in the same way you would at an in-person event, you are able to reach beyond your local community to attendees around the world. 

#6 – Virtual Watch Party 

Virtual watch parties bring people together to one place through Zoom, Google Meet, or another virtual platform to watch something together as a group. Typically, the material that is viewed pertains to your organization’s charitable efforts, engages and educates your audience, and allows you to connect with new and returning donors with an interest in the content being viewed and in the communities you serve. 

#7 – Virtual Auction 

Virtual auctions are just like regular ones, only they take place online rather than in person. A silent or live virtual auction is hosted by an auctioneer who showcases items available for bidding. Some silent virtual auctions may take place over the course of a few days or weeks, whereas live virtual auctions are set within a designated time where donors have to attend the specific event in real-time. With the help of online fundraising software, charitable organizations can plan, strategize, and execute virtual auctions to meet their donation goals. 

#8 – Virtual Classes or Workshops

An original and fun way to engage potential donors for your fundraising for charities is through hosting a virtual class or workshop. Depending on the type of charities you serve, the interests of your constituents, and the skills of your presenters, you can host anything from painting and crafting events, to wine tasking workshops, a cooking class, or a workshop on sustainability or whatever creative online fundraising ideas your non-profit team can think of. 

#9 – Peer to Peer Fundraising

Peer-to-peer fundraising is when an individual person or team of people fundraise on behalf of a larger cause or organization through their own personal donation page or platform. Through the use of peer-to-peer fundraising on social media, individual users have an even broader reach than your non-profit organization alone. Whereas traditional fundraising for non-profits puts the responsibility of donation collection on the organization itself, peer-to-peer fundraising allows the organization to outsource its donation recipient efforts to individuals who support their cause. 

#10 – Virtual Walk, Run, or Bike Activities 

People enjoy the concept of physically doing something to fundraise, and when it comes to promoting physical health and wellness along with your organization’s charitable fundraising it maximizes the number of people who will become engaged with the company. The individuals will ask family, friends, and social media followers to sponsor them with a certain pledge amount per mile they walk, run, or bike– ultimately raising money via an online platform for your charitable organization. 

Contact Capital Business Solutions to Support Your Non-profit Online Fundraising Efforts

When it comes to online fundraising ideas, the sky truly is the limit. Whether your fundraising charity events focus specifically on outreach to maintain new donations through social media and email campaigns or your fundraising for charities engages returning benefactors to participate in a webinar, class, workshop, or another educational event. There is no limit to the resources available for virtual engagement and connection-building opportunities worldwide. 

At Capital Business Solutions our professional non-profit fundraising software experts understand the importance of extending your reach across the globe in order to secure the funds necessary to support your communities. That’s why we specialize in training and supporting non-profit business leaders and their teams to find the best approach possible to secure donations, retain donor relationships, and utilize virtual strategies to market your organization. 

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