Nonprofit organizations need fundraising campaigns to help them fulfill their mission. And as our world has evolved, so have the opportunities and channels in which people can donate to their favorite cause.

But how well do nonprofits succeed at putting together cohesive fundraising strategies?

Fundraising Advisor 2015 Benchmark Report

The Fundraising Advisor 2015 Benchmark Report is a snapshot of fundraising data and insights from nonprofit professionals. The report sampled 270 professionals who used the Fundraising Advisor tool on the Abila website. These professionals answered 6 questions regarding when and how they engaged with donors. Below are highlights from the report:

Key Findings:

  • 53% of nonprofit professionals know vital information (name, mailing address, phone number, and email) plus some personal or professional information about their constituents.
  • 86% of nonprofit professionals use email to communicate with their donors. 72% use their website, and 71% use in-person events.
  • 44% of professionals say the most popular online fundraising strategy is using a single donor page.
  • 16% of professionals don’t do any fundraising online.
  • About 76% of nonprofit professionals say it takes them 72 hours or longer to acknowledge a donation.

Read the full Fundraising Advisor Report here.

So, Are Nonprofits Missing Fundraising Opportunities?

Nonprofits Missing Fundraising Opps

According to the data above, yes, most nonprofit organizations are missing out on many fundraising opportunities. How can you improve your fundraising abilities to ensure your campaigns maximize success? Try these 3 tips:

1. Improve Online Fundraising
Online fundraising is a MUST for nonprofit organizations. And it’s not enough to have just one donation page on your website. Think about the user experience of your site: how does a potential donor learn about your mission when they visit your website – and are they able to donate as they’re learning? The call-to-actions are different at each point, so your donation pages should be different too – which means you’ll have more than a few donation pages on your website.

2. Create a Personalized Experience for Donors
A recent Donor Engagement study showed that one of the keys to successful engagement is to create a personalized donor experience. How can you do this? By learning the vital information about your donors, plus, additional personal or professional information to enhance and personalize their experience.

3. Acknowledge Donations Faster
We live in a fast-paced world. So when it takes 76% of nonprofit professionals 72 hours or longer to respond/acknowledge a donation, donors have already been waiting an eternity. Review your process for responding to donors, making every effort to respond as fast as possible so they are encouraged to donate again and again.


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