According to Abila’s whitepaper on nonprofits adopting cloud computing software, spending on the software has grown 4.5 times since 2009. And it’s projected to grow six times that between 2015 and 2020.

As more nonprofit accounting professionals are moving their files to the cloud, it might be time to learn why you should adopt cloud accounting software and how you’ll benefit.

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Below we’ll go over several reasons to make the switch to an cloud accounting platform.

Why Adopt Cloud Accounting Software


One of the biggest challenges with traditional accounting software is how you’re able to access your data – typically from one place.

But with cloud accounting software, you’re able to retrieve and update your data anywhere you have an internet connection. That means you can update at your office, at home, at a fundraising event, in your car, or anywhere and anytime you see fit – and without sacrificing security and privacy!


Keeping your data and donor information is super important! And with security breaches happening all the time, it’s critical that your data is protected all the time.

As you’re researching software vendors, make sure to ask questions regarding security. Ask the hard questions too – as any type of breach could affect your credibility, fundraising, and support.

Disaster Relief

Natural disasters happen. There’s no way to fully prepare for them either. So to avoid losing your data to fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc. the cloud could be the place to store your data.

While your data is stored in the cloud (which is a data storage center), it’s less likely for the entire data storage center to be wiped out during the disaster. This means you can continue business as usual, even as you clean up after the storm.

Increase Your Performance

When you’re looking for new software, it’s most likely because you’re trying to save time so you can focus on other tasks.

Well, making the switch to cloud accounting software can increase your team’s overall performance – allowing you to spend more on what matters most.

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