Fundraising is hard – but fundraising on a budget can be even harder. It takes a lot of planning, effective communication, resources, and lots of creativity to keep a campaign on or under budget.

Before you begin planning your next budget-friendly fundraising campaign, it’s necessary to understand just how to budget. Then you can get on with the fun part – planning an awesome fundraising campaign to support your mission.

Below we’ve put together 4 tips to help you fundraise on a budget.

Fundraise on a Budget

4 Tips for Fundraising on a Budget

Create a Plan:
Having a fundraising plan of action is the best way to stay on track and budget when running a fundraiser. Not only does this keep you and your team organized, but also gives your board of directors and other key stakeholders a bird’s eye view of your progress.

Using your fund accounting software, like Abila MIP or Blackbaud’s Financial Edge, you can easily create a plan and budget that is accessible to all the right people. And will allow you to conveniently run reports as needed.

Take Advantage of Digital Media
Digital media is a great way to spread your nonprofit’s fundraising campaign. Using a variety of digital marketing tactics, you can quickly spread your campaign to a whole new audience.

Try these digital activities:

  • Social media
  • Blogs and press releases
  • Email newsletters
  • Paid or retargeting advertisements
  • Sponsor (if you have them) cross promotion

For more tips on digital marketing for nonprofits, read 5 Digital Marketing Tactics Nonprofits Should Try.

Get Your Board’s Support
Your Board of Directors are well connected. They know a lot of people – a lot of people who can help share your nonprofit’s mission and fundraising campaign.

Give your board members email templates, social media posts, and any other marketing collateral to help them reach out to their networks.

Get Your Loyal Donors Involved
During your fundraising campaign, you should run targeted campaigns to your loyal donors. They have already proven that they support your cause, and are most likely more willing to continue to donate to ensure more good will happen.

Plus, it’s cheaper to retain donors than to find new ones.

Need help using your fund accounting software to run fundraising campaigns? Our team can walk you through the modules and customize your software to meet your exact fundraising needs. Give us a call today to get started.