For non-profits, fundraising events are crucial. Not only is it a way to generate the necessary revenue, but it is essential for networking and gaining a better understanding of the non-profit community as a whole. In order to maximize your revenue stream, it is important to use successful tools that will help your fundraising process.

First off, it is important to note the way you go about your fundraising. Many people believe they are being efficient in the way they display their non-profit at events, but the goal is to avoid acting like a salesperson. When defining the problem and the solution, it is important to create an event that tries to bring everyone together to solve the problem. This is not a “please give us money and get out” circumstance; you must incorporate your donors and volunteers into your program, helping them understand that together you can make a difference. This mindset is incredibly important to how your fundraiser is perceived by others.

Here are a few other ideas that can benefit fundraising events:

  • Use Media: Whether it be via use of traditional media (like the local news) or social media, it is imperative to get the word out about your fundraiser. The goal is to try to reach as many people as possible.
  • Personal Thank You’s: Take into consideration the donors and the time they have given to be at your event. Even if they do not donate money, taking an interest in your non-profit is one of the most important aspects of fundraisers. A great idea to thank donors and volunteers is to take the time to write them a personal thank you note, just so they know how much they are valued. You can achieve this via calls, cards, or e-mails.
  • Ask For Help: You’ll be surprised at how many people will be willing to help if you just ask. In order to start gaining donations, ask your friends or family to give what they can. There is no harm in asking, and the support you can receive is phenomenal.
  • Inspire Others: We all love to feel inspired by something bigger than ourselves. Use the fundraiser to truly show your passion and inspiration for the project, and it will spread to others. Even if you do not get it exactly right on the first try, you may still motivate at least one person. At the end of the day, that is all that matters.

Whether or not you have used these tactics before, understanding how a fundraiser works is a learning curve. It is a process that all non-profits go through. If you are really passionate about your work, it will show through your work. People will take notice, and you will have done your job well.