Abila MIP Fund Accounting is the most preferred accounting software by nonprofit organizations throughout the country. Its ability to streamline and simplify daily and monthly accounting tasks makes it a valuable resource for nonprofit accountants.

Improve your Abila MIP Fund Accounting skills with these tips and tricks for an even better user experience.

Tips and Tricks for Abila MIP Users

Abila MIP Fund Accounting Tips for All Skill Levels

Zoom In/Out On Data Entry Screens in MIP
Want to make your data entry screens larger and easier to read, or smaller so you can see more data? When you’re on any data entry screen, press Ctrl + Scroll up/down with the wheel on your mouse. Your screen will get larger/smaller, depending on which way you scroll.

View Multiple Report Panes in MIP
When running an MIP report, you typically view the report in one window pane, using the blue arrows at the top to cycle through pages one at a time. However with this nifty trick, you’ll be able to split your report by page breaks, allowing you to view 2 different pages side-by-side.

To do this, you’ll need to hover your mouse at the edge of your report so you can ‘grab’ the grey bar and slide it to the right. As you slide the grey bar to the right, you’ll start to see the report separating – and eventually they will be side by side.

To get to different pages within your report, click on the window pane you want activated and then use the blue arrows to cycle through the pages.

Data Exporting From MIP Fund Accounting
Using the Data Import/Export module in Abila MIP Fund Accounting you can speed up the process of importing data into your software, or exporting it out. The most common imports that Abila MIP users perform are cash receipts for donations and pledges or journal entries for payroll.

By clicking on the Export Icon, you will be able to specify the filename and file type that you want. Data can be exported in .csv, .htm, .mdb, .doc, .xls, .prn, .txt, .xml.

You can also use the keyboard shortcut: Crtl + Shift + X to bring up the same export screen.

If you are exporting directly to excel, there is also an Export to Excel Icon that can give you more functionality.

Create User Defined Fields
Keeping your data healthy and clean is of utmost importance. A great way to help keep your data secure is to create user defined fields. You can use these fields for special events, charity events, and anything you want to track and report on separately.

To create a user defined field, you’ll need to go into the Administrative module. There, you’ll be able to set up your custom fields, like name, phone number, address, etc. You can set them up as special events or one time occurrences to improve your nonprofit’s tracking and reporting.

Delete Old Vendors in MIP
While you cannot delete a vendor from the software, you can remove them from showing up in your lists.

To do this, go to Maintain > Vendors and create a new vendor called Discontinued or Old. (You can name it whatever you like). Save the vendor.

Without adding a vendor ID, click on the merge/rename button. Now select the vendor you want to get rid of. Then select the Discontinued or Old (or whatever you name you used earlier).

Click Ok, and all the records should be merged.

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