The Channel Team is pleased to extend this honor based on your continued support.     Abila Business Partner of the Quarter award

As the Business Partner of the Quarter:

  • featured Capital Business Solutions (CBS) on theMarketplace as Partner of the Quarter the last week of July and the first week of August.
  • CBS will write a thought leadership piece on the blog.


Angela Siefkes, CA-AM, PMP

Director, Partner Marketing


The leading provider of software and services to associations and nonprofit organizations that help them improve decision-making, execute with greater precision, increase engagement, and generate more revenue. With solutions association and nonprofit professionals can use data and personal insight to make better financial and strategic decisions, enhance member and donor engagement and value, operate more efficiently and effectively, and increase revenue to better activate their mission. Combining decades of industry insight with technology know-how to serve nearly 8,000 customers across North America.

About Capital Business Solutions:

CBS has been a leader in providing software services for two decades (chances are, as long as or longer than you’ve had your system!). In that time, our consultants have developed a broad experience level with literally hundreds of nonprofits in dozens of sub-industries, as well as a deep working knowledge of their designated systems. Many of our people have practical experience in the field in addition to technical knowledge of their product. In other words, we’ve just about seen it all, from both sides of the table. Our consultants develop a strong one-on-one relationship with clients: you’ll work with the same individual from assessment through recommendations, remediation and training. That means there’s no need to re-explain issues from one stage to the next. And our consultants are invested in getting you to the finish line, not just to the hand-off point to another department.

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