Nonprofit Fundraising ideas for springWith spring arriving, people are finally ready to emerge from their homes and get active, making this the ideal time to organize a fundraising event for your nonprofit organization. People are looking for things to do and also love supporting worthwhile causes, and you have the opportunity to provide both. To help give you some ideas, we’re sharing a variety of fundraising ideas for all types of nonprofit organizations that will increase your donations and improve your visibility to the public.

Spring Fundraisers for Small Organizations

If you have a small, local nonprofit that you’d like to raise money for, consider community-focused activities that are inexpensive to advertise and can draw a big crowd!

Spring Cleaning Rummage Sale

Perfect for church groups and schools, ask members, parents, and the community for donations that they would normally give away or sell in their own garage sale. Host the event either in your building’s gymnasium, if possible, or see if you can rent or borrow a space, such as a community center. Post signs and advertise on social media, local news websites, and on Craig’s List to drive traffic!

Easter Breakfast

Sell tickets for a family-friendly Easter breakfast that offers pictures with the Easter Bunny, Easter crafts or an Easter egg hunt, and of course, breakfast. See if a member of your organization is a photographer who would volunteer to take pictures, ask your volunteers to cook and serve, and of course, rent an Easter Bunny costume, and you should be all set! Just check local ordinances to see if any permits are needed. 

Host Craft Seminars

Pinterest is filled with DIY activities that, all too often, turn into Pinterest fails. If you have someone in your organization that is gifted with crafting, consider hosting craft seminars with a participation fee that covers instructions, supplies (or use of tools), free refreshment like coffee or iced tea, and a donation to your organization. Consider these crafts and activities: 

  • Cake or cookie decorating
  • Beginner sewing, such as making a tote bag
  • Flower arranging
  • Wreath making
  • Soap or candle making
  • Simple woodworking

You can also host kid-friendly craft seminars, too. 

Spring Fundraising Activities for Larger Nonprofit Organizations

If your nonprofit is larger or has a national or global reach, you can scale the previous suggestions to serve more people, or you can plan a larger event that maybe requires more resources but pulls in more money by reaching more people or appealing to a more philanthropic audience. 

Charity Golf Tournament

A charity golf tournament requires a big investment of time and money, but it can lead to a massive payoff for your charity, especially if you turn it into an annual event. Consider going more high-end by partnering with a private club to attract golfers who may not have an opportunity to play on a closed course, offer additional activities to attract spouses or non-golfers, and do cocktails and an award banquet to finish the day. 

You can also put a spin on this for a children’s nonprofit by hosting a mini-golf tournament instead!

5K Run

With warm weather arriving, a 5k run (or walk!) is just the thing for people who are tired of being cooped up. If you have a national organization, set up multiple races in cities where you have chapters, or host one large event where your home office is. Choose the location, date, and work with your city/cities to get the permits needed. 

Create a page on your website for people to register easily, charging a price that will pay for advertising, entrants’ t-shirts, permits, and other expenses. Then, promote the race heavily: 

  • See if you can promote your upcoming race at earlier events (some races will let you put a flier in race bags or put up a booth near the finish line)
  • Social media
  • Reach out to colleges and other organizations
  • Contact local media

 Host an Outdoor Concert

Spring fundraising tips for NPOsConnect with local musicians and bands to host an outdoor festival with the proceeds going to your nonprofit organization. Consider a festival that reflects your community, such as bluegrass, zydeco, jazz, or blues, and reach out to those artists. Then, reach out to venues or community areas, talk to vendors for food and beverages, and charge for admission or ask for donations to people who come. 

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