Nonprofit Social Media ObjectivesIt’s no secret that having a social media presence is near mandatory these days. Lacking in the social media department can set back your mission and goals, especially when its a direct way to communicate with your fans and donors.

The benefits of having social media accounts are stronger than the benefits of not having any social media presence at all. That being said, what can you do on social media to propel your nonprofit organization forward this year? Try our tips for increasing your social media awareness in 2014!

Social Media Tips for 2014

    • Remember Why Social Media Exists: Social media is a great opportunity to connect with people that care about your nonprofit cause. Social media is used for two way conversations, letting people know about events, and what they can do to help. Communication and conversation is the key. Social media is not for purely making money; time and effort needs to be put in to get people to understand why they should care about your nonprofit. If you expect a big payday via social media, you may need to rethink your nonprofit goals.
    • Focus on the Consumer Experience: As stated previously, social media is a great way to start conversations. However, keep in mind what your followers are wanting and expecting to see. They want to see passion the mission, goals, projects, and news. It’s all too easy to get caught up in writing what you want to see, but it’s important to remember the connection through social media will come once you learn how to target your audience.
    • Focus on One Social Channel: It is easier said than done to be active on all the major social media platforms. Having accounts on every network is one thing, but being active and maintaining the presence is another. Many businesses and nonprofits social media strategies fail because they spread their work out over too many different platforms. Try focusing on 1 social account, posting content and gaining quality followers.
    • Use Humor: One of the most important ways to use social media is to include humor! According to a recent survey by OTX, a whopping 43% of people say they share content based on how funny it is. Nonprofit information can be serious; however, there are other ways to engage with your followers in a humorous and jovial way. No one enjoys following a bleak and dull social media account – find your niche and make it your own, especially if it includes some humor for your followers.
    • Be Genuine: People enjoy connecting with nonprofits that really express passion for their project, while genuinely thanking their donors and followers. Interaction is important, but people do not have to take their time to talk with you via social media at all. Take the time to be thankful and everyone will see it as well.

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