Large or major gifts (donations) are important for every nonprofit. While they won’t happen everyday, consistently receiving significant gifts, either monthly or every other month, can really help you meet your mission’s goals.

How can you secure large gifts from your donors? By asking them!

However, before you just ask all your donors to give large gifts, you should really think about who you’re going to ask. If you’re using a fund accounting or fundraising software, you can run a report to see who has made medium to large donations already, and begin there.

Questions to Ask for Large Donations

Here are the questions you should ask internally before going to do donors for large gifts:

  1. Are they ready to donate a large gift to your organization?
  2. How will you ask the donor for the gift?
  3. Does the donor know how their gift will be spent? Do they understand your mission?
  4. Will the donor have any concerns about donating? And if so, what will they be?
  5. Why will the donor say yes?
  6. Who is going to ask the donor for the large gift?
  7. Where will the donor be asked?
  8. What will happen after the donor says yes? Or if they say no?

Once you start receiving larger gifts from your donors, you should run special marketing campaigns to them so they’ll be more informed about what their money is able to do and more likely to continue to make larger contributions. Send them monthly or quarterly newsletters, photos of how your mission is succeeding, or an invitation to a special event to honor them.

The more you engage them after they donate and they can see the value, the more likely they are to continue donating 🙂

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