Nonprofit MythsOnline fundraising has been around for a number of years. However recently it has seen a surge in popularity as nonprofits attempt to capture donors through various online and mobile portals – websites, smartphones, social networks, etc.

Despite the awareness in online fundraising, many nonprofit organizations do not see the benefit of fundraising online as they’ve read and heard too many myths. To help nonprofit organizations see the benefit of online fundraising, we’re debunking the top online fundraising myths.

Common Online Fundraising Misconceptions

Myth #1: No One Donates Online
According to Abila, in 2008, it was estimated that Americans donated $300 billion in gifts to nonprofit organizations. About 4% of the $300 billion was donated online – which is around $12 billion. People are donating billions and billions of dollars online, meaning that yes people are donating online and nonprofits need to take advantage.

Myth #2: Offline Fundraising is More Effective
Many nonprofits think offline fundraising is more successful because they don’t spend the time or energy trying other methods.

Online fundraising is more cost effective than offline fundraising, and allows organizations to broaden their reach and increase dollars raised. By committing more resources (people, time and planning) to online fundraising, nonprofits will see big-time results and won’t have to spend a lot of money to see them.

Myth #3: People Don’t Donate Big Online
Online generosity comes in large sizes too, not just small donations. In 2011, Blackbaud reported that 87% of nonprofit organizations received one online donation of at least $1000 or more. 43% of all the online donations were between $1000 and $5000.

Make sure your nonprofit is using a fund accounting software to keep track of your online and offline donations, helping you stay organized and efficient.

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