Recently, there have been some major changes to the general accounting software makeup. It is important to note these changes, as even the slightest change in business technology can affect a non-profit organization.

Notable Accounting Software Changes

Not only is it essential for non-profits to implement software updates to stay up-to-date with current technological trends, but it is imperative to keep up with all recent developments as to not hinder company productivity.

3 Significant Accounting Software Changes for Non-Profits

  1. It is common knowledge that Software as a Service (SaaS) is climbing in the ranks of business essentials. Accounting software that filters through browsers, such as QuickBooks Online and Intacct, are now widely accepted among companies.
  2. Connected Services via Internet technologies enables computers to communicate with each other to solve many business issues. Accounting programs, such as Abila (formerly Sage), Intuit, and SAP, have developed non-profit accounting software programs to provide even better client services, such as allowing the process of checks and credit cards while maintaining PCI appliance. The goal of these programs is to give clients the best experience while saving the business money.
  3. The most significant changes in non-profit accounting software comes from third-party reporting tools. Not only is reporting made easier with these new tools, it also saves companies money and helps avoid time hassles. Many reporting products have been tweaked to extend software abilities and solve various business complications; for example, our own DrillPoint Reports allows non-profits to integrate their Abila Fund Accounting software with Microsoft Excel for easy access to financial data and production of high-quality financial statements for board and external advisors.

Why We Care About Non-Profit Software Trends

As a leader in the integrated financial software industry, we work directly with the changes in software programs to provide our customers with the best experience possible. Our services include in-depth analysis, business process consulting, non-profit software implementation, and software training. Understanding these technological trends is essential to providing our clients with excellent service.

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