Nonprofit organizations need technology solutions that fit their unique needs. They need to spend time talking to donors and creating awareness, rather than inputting data in spreadsheets and creating reports. And Blackbaud’s Financial Edge software understands that and makes it easier for nonprofit organizations to do what they do best.

Nonprofits can maximize their time and money by not only using Financial Edge but by hiring someone to train and consult with them on how to make the software work best for them. Fund Accounting software consultants can help nonprofits:

  • Have a better understanding of the software.
  • Provide ongoing training and support for their staff.
  • Create a unique database that is geared towards the organizations goals and mission.

Need more proof that Blackbaud’s Financial Edge software is great for nonprofits? Check out this short video for more benefits.

Talk to a Financial Edge Expert

Capital Business Solutions provides training and support for Blackbaud’s Financial Edge and Raiser’s Edge nonprofit software. Our experts are not only software experts, but industry experts as well – allowing them to help you more efficiently and effectively. Speak to a Financial Edge expert today by calling 919-821-1244 or contacting us online.