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Financial Edge NXT offers a wide variety of features and functions to improve nonprofit accounting practices, save time, and improve the accuracy of your fund accounting, budgeting, and daily bookkeeping.

At Capital Business Solutions, we are dedicated to not only helping nonprofit organizations maximize their experience with Financial Edge NXT, but we also strive to create software solutions that improve your experience, save time, and increase your options. Our latest solution is Power Cloud Reporting, an integrated Microsoft Excel platform that connects your NXT data to Excel to increase your reporting options and capabilities without extra steps or extra work.

Why Is Simple Reporting Important for Your Nonprofit Organization?

While you’re not keeping track of profits and losses for your nonprofit organization, reporting is still an essential activity. Not only do you need to provide your board, donors, and the IRS with proof of activity, your reporting also shows the financial health of the organization, how you’re keeping up with your budget, and meeting your goals.

In addition to the basics, different departments within the organization need access to financial reports to provide the necessary information:

  • Can your organization afford to hire more people?
  • How successful were previous fundraising drives?
  • Is your organization on track to meet specific goals?
  • Is a specific department within your organization going beyond their budget?

While all this information is accessible within Financial Edge NXT, it’s complicated to drill down the exact information you need and run specific reports. This takes time and when only the accounting department has access to this information, it takes you away from essential tasks.

Having a bridge between your accounting software and extended reporting options should save you time, reduce your costs, and provide more access to departments to obtain the information they need while keeping other information secure. With Power Cloud Reporting, we created the bridge you need.

What Is Power Cloud Reporting?

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Power Cloud Reporting is a cloud-based software platform that integrates Microsoft Excel into Financial Edge NXT in order to expand your reporting options, run custom reports, and pull data quickly and in real-time as it immediately accesses data within your accounting software. By providing advanced and extensive reporting, you’ll have the insight you need into your organization’s financial data, and other departments can also access critical data through custom security settings that empower your team to run reports without accessing private information.

Why Choose Power Cloud Reporting

In addition to increasing your reporting options, Power Cloud Reporting reduces the time and effort involved in running reports by providing real-time data in an instant. With a familiar, intuitive Excel interface, this software is designed to be user-friendly and efficient as you consolidate multiple Financial Edge databases. Plus it will save you money on your reporting costs through one simple license.

This is a welcome change from other reporting platforms that require extensive technical knowledge, multiple licenses, and database connection setups that are expensive and complicated.

Learn More About Power Cloud Reporting

If you’re ready to learn more about how you can expand your reporting capabilities, save time, and reduce your costs, sign up for a free 45-minute demonstration and see Power Cloud Reporting in action. For additional information, reach out to us at  (843) 971-9061 or fill out the form below.

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