Fundraising Through Social MediaThe Millennial Impact Report of 2012, a research project by Achieve and Johnson Grossnickle & Associates, found that 55% of people surveyed prefer social media as a way to learn about nonprofit organizations. In fact, 92% of those surveyed have ‘Liked’ nonprofit pages on Facebook.

And according to, nonprofit organizations that utilize social media have seen their fundraising efforts increase by up to 40%.

If your nonprofit is not using social media, then now is the time to get started. We’ll even help you get started with following social media tips!


Tips for Fundraising through Social Media

Social media is a two way street – so make sure you’re interacting with your followers. Get involved in conversations by sharing, retweeting, and commenting on your community’s posts. Respond to people who send you messages, post on your wall or tweet at you, even if it’s just a simple thank you.

Use Different Types of Content
There are so many different types of content, from blogs and infographics to memes and podcasts. Try posting various content types and at different times to see what inspires and engages your audience. Most social platforms have their own analytics you can use to see what works best. Also keep in mind that each social platform has its own audience. So what works on Twitter won’t necessarily work on Facebook, Pinterest or LinkedIn.

Include Call to Actions
People want to help, but you have to tell them to do it. Include call to actions at the end of your posts to help remind your followers what to do. Some good examples include “share this”, “spread the word”, “get your early-bird tickets now”, or “donate now”.

Share Real Time Updates
Social media is about being in the present. Share real-time updates about your current campaign, photos of those you’re helping, and tips from conferences you attend. It’s possible that someone who sees you’re $100 away from your goal will go ahead and donate the $100 to help you meet your goal.

What other fundraising tips have you tried? And how do you track your donations? Tweet us @CapitalBusiness and let us know!

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