DrillPoint Reports - Abila LogoReport writing modules/software is an important part of the nonprofit accounting process. It allows you to build custom reports using raw data from your preferred fund accounting software.

Your report writer should be easy to use and time-saving, which is why DrillPoint Reports is better that most other report writers on the market.

Why Use DrillPoint Reports

Easy to Use Interface

Why struggle to learn a new software, when you could be using something you’re already familiar with? DrillPoint Reports uses Microsoft Excel functionality to manipulate data, create formulas and graphs, and conduct various analyses. This makes using DrillPoint even easier since Excel is an everyday tool.

Integrates Directly with Abila MIP Fund Accounting Software

DrillPoint Reports is a module within the Abila MIP Fund Accounting software, the preferred accounting software by nonprofit organizations across the country. This means that all data is easily accessible – allowing you to ‘drill down’ into your data (using Microsoft Excel) for more information without having to go back to your MIP software.

Readable Financial Data, Even For Non-Financial Users

Whether you’re using pre-set templates or creating a custom report, DrillPoint Reports takes your data and organizes it in a readable, understandable way for both statistical, number-loving users and non-financial users.

Board members, donors, and external parties will be more likely to read and act on your reports if they can truly understand what the numbers mean. Loyal donors will probably continue giving knowing that your organization presents them with data they can read – which is another way to show them that you value that their support to the cause.

Visually Appealing Graphs, Charts and Graphics

Reports are also easier to read when they are visually stimulating. DrillPoint Reports allows you to add borders, graphics, charts, graphs and more to make data more presentable.

Additional Benefits

  • Group account segments into a linear style account report
  • Create statistical or outcomes measurement reporting by utilizing user-defined fields in your reports
  • MIP Security is passed on through DrillPoint
  • No need for programming or data libraries

Want Your Nonprofit to Try DrillPoint Reports?

Want your nonprofit organization to use DrillPoint Reports to make reporting simpler and easier? Request a demo by contacting Bob Schilling at bschilling@capitalbusiness.net, 877-889-0629 or sending us a message here.

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