If your nonprofit organization is like most, your fundraising and fundraising departments could probably benefit from a little more collaboration?

And it’s easy to see why? With differing priorities and an unclear understanding of each department’s roles and responsibilities, members of each department might feel frustrated by the lack of collaboration.

Luckily though, this can be remedied with everyone’s help and participation.

Ways to Increase Collaboration Between Nonprofit Finance and Fundraising Departments

  1. Hold weekly/biweekly meetings – Meet at a regular cadence to discuss each other’s projects, challenges, and how you can better understand each other for ongoing success.
  2. Get to know each other better – Go out to lunch, chat at the water cooler, or stop by the other department’s office to learn more about your coworkers and their various challenges.
  3. Shadow your colleagues for a day – Walk a day in the other department’s shoes! This will help you understand more about their roles, responsibilities, and how both organization’s complement each other for your nonprofit’s greater good.
  4. Send weekly emails to keep each other updated – Communication is key if you want to improve your relationship with your coworkers. Start sending weekly emails to keep everyone in the loop regarding projects, reporting, major department wins, etc.

Think Your Finance and Fundraising Departments Could Collaborate Better?

Well, you’re not alone. Check out Abila’s Nonprofit Finance and Fundraising Collaboration Study to learn more about the challenges these departments face on a regular basis. You can also view the infographic below for the highlights of the study:

Abila Collaboration Nonprofit infograph