Imagine you just started working at a new job. On your very first day, your boss expects you to be able to perform your new responsibilities and tasks with little to no training – and to perform them with no mistakes. This seems a little unfair, right?

Benefits-of-Raiser's-Edge-TrainingWhile the example above is extreme, the same can be said for learning how to navigate Raiser’s Edge fundraising software on your own. With so many different functionalities, it can be difficult to know just how to set up your database to benefit your nonprofit and overall mission.

To make Raiser’s Edge setup, organization, and implementation easier, professional consulting may be the solution.

Reasons Nonprofits Should Get Raiser’s Edge Training

Here’s why you should consider professional Raiser’s Edge training for your nonprofit organization.

Your Raiser’s Edge consultant should have years of fundraising software experience. Their in-depth knowledge of corporate development, grant writing, capital campaigns, and individual giving will help them (and you) organize your database for maximum efficiency.

Maximize Your Software
Raiser’s Edge software is complex, with various functionalities to make reporting, donor management and on-the-go collaboration simpler and easier. By undergoing professional training, you will be able to learn how to use all the features your organization needs to be efficient. This will allow you to stay connected, improve your performance, and strengthen your donor loyalty.

This is also a great time to ask any and all questions about Raiser’s Edge. By getting a better understanding of the software, you’ll not only be benefitting yourself, but your organization long term.

Integrate with Other Nonprofit Products
If you use other nonprofit software, like Blackbaud’s Financial Edge or Education Edge, you can integrate your systems to save you time and money. By keeping your systems separate, you run the risk of duplicate entries, which can cause costly mistakes in your financial reports to your Board of Directors and/or donors.

Entering information manually in two different spots can also cause costly errors. By integrating your fundraising and accounting software solutions you can ensure consistency in your numbers and save time entering information.

Software Updates
Raiser’s Edge training can also benefit seasoned software users. Blackbaud is constantly improving their fundraising solution to be more comprehensive and user-friendly. After an update is released, it can be helpful to undergo training, or even have a fundraising consultant implement the new version, to ensure you understand all the new features and your data transfers successfully.

Raiser’s Edge Training at Capital Business Solutions

Capital Business Solutions provides training for the Raiser’s Edge, in addition to other Blackbaud products including the Financial Edge and the Education Edge. To learn more about our consulting and training services, please contact Andy Thorson by calling 919-821-1244, emailing or filling out this contact form.