Cloud Based Nonprofit Accounting SoftwareHave you heard of people or organizations moving their business, contact management and fund accounting software to the cloud lately? Cloud computing is one of the fastest growing services for nonprofits and can help organizations increase their efficiency while reducing costs.

Not quite sure what the cloud is, or how it can positively impact your nonprofit organization? We’ll tell you all about the cloud and how it can benefit your organization and software needs.

What is the Cloud?

The cloud or “cloud computing” is where organizations can store, manage, and process data, without having to use a local server or personal computer. All data can be accessed remotely, increasing productivity and effectiveness.

Cloud-based nonprofit accounting software, such as NetSuite Fund Accounting, allows nonprofits to leverage the cloud without having to sacrifice their fund accounting and reporting needs. A full-fledged IT staff isn’t needed as there is little to no maintenance.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Nonprofit Accounting Software

Moving to cloud can be beneficial for small to medium nonprofit organizations who have limited space and resources. The cloud offers more flexibility, allowing users to focus more on their mission than their nonprofit accounting software.

Not sure if cloud-based nonprofit accounting software is right for your organization? Here are some of the benefits:

  • Reduced costs: Although necessary, nonprofit accounting software is an expensive investment to efficiently and effectively run a nonprofit organization. Cloud-based nonprofit accounting software is less expensive, charging organizations only for what they use.
  • Mobility: You’re not always in the office, making it important for you to have access to your software when you’re on the go. With the cloud, you have instant access to data, reports, and more, even on mobile and tablet devices.
  • Increased Fundraising: Cloud-based software supports mobile and online fundraising, allowing you to keep up with the newest fundraising trends and stay in front of your donors.
  • Going Green: Because cloud computing is virtual, nonprofits will see a decrease in the amount of energy they use. No more wasted energy when it comes to hosting servers, computers, etc.

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