Abila-MIP-Fund-AccountingOn June 24, 2014 Abila released Abila MIP Fund Accounting 2014.6, the latest version of their nonprofit fund accounting software that includes enhancements to security, user visibility and tracking.

One of the biggest improvements to the software is the ability to detect fraudulent activity. Fraudulent activity can anytime, anywhere and by anyone, even the most trusted person in an organization. It’s important for nonprofit organizations to protect themselves and their funds so they can focus on supporting their mission.

Abila CEO, Krista Endsley said, “Fraudulent activity is surprisingly high in nonprofit organizations – with estimates that organizations lose billions of dollars each year. We want to make it easy for nonprofit leaders to detect fraudulent activity so they can protect their reputation and ensure the money is directed at fulfilling their mission. This new version of MIP Fund Accounting gives organizations the peace of mind to move forward with confidence.”

In addition to detecting fraudulent activity, Abila MIP Fund Accounting 2014.6 also:

  • Offers alerts to keep organizations informed about activity from within their software.
  • Allows auditors to track information on MIP users and their job functions.
  • Instantly blocks an employee’s access to the application if they’ve been terminated.
  • Provides easy access to user and vendor relationships for auditing purposes.
  • Offers custom digital payroll vouchers for a digital payroll trail.

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