Looking for the latest information and innovations in nonprofit software solutions? We are proud to be a sponsor of the 2022 Blackbaud Developers Conference, a digital event where experts will inspire action and help you make informed decisions while you get to connect with peers from around the globe.

About Blackbaud

Blackbaud is one of the leading developers of software solutions for nonprofit organizations, including schools, government agencies, churches, and charities. In addition to their bestselling fund accounting and donor management software, Financial Edge NXT, they also offer cloud-based software that is designed to help you:

  • Improve fundraising
  • Steward scholarship and non-scholarship donors
  • Improve student access to scholarships
  • Develop relationships with your donors and supporters
  • Build grassroots campaigns and mobilize supporters
  • Manage church operations
  • Open up payment processing opportunities

As the needs of nonprofit organizations change, Blackbaud is keeping up with these needs by offering software solutions that streamline operations, reduce costs, improve accuracy, and eliminate inefficiencies.

Why Attend the Blackbaud Developer’s Conference

The Blackbaud Developer’s Conference offers an opportunity for software developers, engineers, and IT professionals in the nonprofit sector to gather together and exchange ideas, share best practices, and network with peers. At the same time, you’ll also get to explore Blackbaud products, collaborate with product experts, and meet partners who can help you make the most of your software solutions. Think of this as a global user group designed for all levels of IT professionals, creators, and innovation aficionados.

Keynote Addresses

We are excited to see the agenda for the Developer’s Conference spotlight some fantastic thought leaders for the keynote addresses.

  • Day One: Think Like an Architect: How to Develop Critical, Creative, and Collaborative Problem-Solving Skills from Randy Deutsch, a clinical associate professor at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign School of Architecture
  • Day Two: The One Key Success Anchor in Data and Analytics from Prashanth Southekal, the Managing Principal at DBP Institute
  • Day Three: Creating Durable Digital Transformation from Lorraine Bardeen, VP and CTO, Worldwide Industry Solutions Group at Microsoft

Power Cloud Reporting

Discover how to elevate your reporting and report-building process using Power Cloud Reporting, a tool that seamlessly bridges Financial Edge NXT and Excel so you can get better insight into your finances, improve your reports for donors and directors, and successfully manage your budgets and forecasts using accurate, updated information.

Skill Labs & Track Sessions

Learn how to improve your skills, streamline operations, and make the most of your software in a variety of skill labs. Visit track sessions to get drilled down information on a wide variety of topics, including existing Blackbaud software and the newest integrations.

Virtual Marketplace

Check out sponsor rooms, get tech tips, and network with friends in the SpatialChat.

Register for the 2022 Blackbaud Developer’s Conference

If you’re interested in learning about the latest nonprofit software solutions, how to improve your operations, and have an amazing time with thought leaders and peers. Register here to reserve your spot, or learn more about the event when you check out the conference agenda.