Development services include custom report writing, interface and plug-ins for Blackbaud’s Financial Edge®, Raiser’s Edge®, Education Edge® and  MIP Fund Accounting™.  See below for a more comprehensive list and examples of our work.

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Custom Report Writing Services

fund accountingOur nonprofit financial software products boast robust reporting tools designed to alleviate complex accounting headaches. Even so, your organization may occasionally require a custom report that is not standard “out-of-the-box” reporting.

Our custom report writing capabilities include expertise with Financial Edge®, Raiser’s Edge®, Education Edge® and MIP Fund Accounting using Microsoft Visual Tools and Excel as the reporting interface. CBS custom report-writing staff are experts and can pull data directly from the data source to create unique custom reports specifically for your nonprofit organization’s needs.

Best of all, your custom reports can be accessed easily, and in real time. One click of a button and your custom report updates automatically.

Examples of custom reports:

Donor Statements, Endowment Statements, Request Forms, Financial Statements

Customize Financial Edge® and Raiser’s Edge® software

Do not require the API Module | Tailored to the client’s needs within any of the FE/RE modules |Can interface with other systems

Examples of custom plug-ins:

  • Imports or updates from other systems either via files or direct database access
  • Export process for financial uploads such as retirement processing and bank files
  • Reports, Forms, Statements
  • Require VBA and/or API modules depending on the specific scenario


  • API interfaces to other databases/products
  • Standalone applications interacting with FE/RE
  • VBA macros or processing rules within FE/RE

Customize MIP Fund Accounting software

Do you need imports or updates from other systems either via files or direct database access? What about an export process for financial uploads such as retirement processing and bank files?

CBS Product: RELink

RELink provides out of the box integration between Blackbaud’s Raiser’s Edge® and the MIP General Ledger

CBS Product: Checkpoint

CheckPoint enables positive pay controls on your check processing. Checkpoint automatically creates the authorization file for transmittal to your bank.

Other examples:

Custom Reports, Forms, Statements

GiftLink for Financial Edge® Plug-in – an interface for community foundations

GiftLink for Financial Edge® is an interface for GIFTS for Windows, recognized as the leading software solution for grants management and charitable giving organizations.

Highlights of GiftLink for Financial Edge®:

  • Processes vendors/payments from the GIFTS program into FE Accounts Payable module
  • Allows for updates/confirmations of those payments to go back to GIFTS

Edge – ULink Financial Edge® Plugin – an interface for higher education

Edge-ULink for Financial Edge® is an interface for Jenzabar SONIS, software that empowers users to manage all aspects of their school’s administrative tasks online and provides integrated services for admissions, registration, grading, billing, course management, and other administrative functions.

Highlights of Edge – ULink for Financial Edge®:

  • Processes academic transactions like scholarship awards, fees, and tuition from administration system into FE General Ledger
  • Targeted for smaller to mid-size institutions for higher education

NFPRate – an interface for disability boards and workshop enterprises

NFPRate is a payroll standalone application to handle piece rate payroll operations.

Highlights of NFPRate:

  • Handles employees, timesheets, contracts
  • Data can be exported for import into GL packages including Financial Edge and MIP

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Nitin graduated from the Old Dominion University, Norfolk VA with a Master’s of Science in Computer Science in 2010 and Bachelors of Engineering in Computer Science from Pune University, India in 2006. He has worked in the Transportation, Education and Finance industries as a Software Engineer. Nitin joined Capital Business Solutions in 2012. Nitin enjoys Software Development and Technical Leadership, not only as his job but as a hobby and interest. His preferred skills include Cloud Development, Database Development, and Web Development.

“Capital Business Solutions was a solution for a lot of our processing problems. They have ALL been very helpful”

– Beatriz Gonzalez Day, Vice President, Comptroller, Smile Train

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