For nonprofit organizations, accounting can be tricky. It’s important that accounting professionals find and use a software platform that allows them to easily budget, track and report. It’s important that they use a true fund accounting software.

True Fund Accounting for Nonprofits
True fund accounting, according to Business Wire, is “represented by a multi-dimensional and flexible chart of accounts that provides organizations with the detailed coding and tracking of all financial activities with unlimited segments and dimensions.” Built specifically for nonprofits, true fund accounting streamlines and simplifies budgeting, tracking and reporting; enabling organizations to spend more time supporting their mission and not in the office.

Why Choose True Fund Accounting

You should choose a true fund accounting platform when selecting your next accounting software for the following reasons:

  • Is scalable; growing with your organization no matter how complex your accounting changes get.
  • Provides detailed tracking and coding of financial activities.
  • Ability to drive your mission forward with robust analytics and reporting.

Want to Demo a True Fund Accounting System?

True fund accounting software solutions for nonprofit and municipal organizations. Capital Business Solutions is an authorized Partner, reselling a variety of Abila products, including MIP and Advance. Request a free demo today by calling 877-889-0629, emailing, or filling out this contact form.