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Where did the time go?

As longtime accounting software consultants, we remember a meeting in the early 1990s at the FundWare office in Steamboat Springs, Colorado outlining the cool new features for the next release of FundWare ®.  Looking back, we thought FundWare would be around forever!

A long history

In our long history with the product, we found FundWare clients to be very smart, demanding of complex features, and very loyal to the accounting system.  The product retirement by Blackbaud is regrettable and we can sympathize fully with the frustration that many feel around it.   However, few have the luxury of sitting in frustration for long.  The key to a smooth transition is to start the planning process for a new software system as soon as possible.

You do not have to make this transition alone

Capital Business Solutions is in a unique position to help you.   After cutting our teeth on FundWare 20 years ago, we are now a Blackbaud Channel Partner offering Financial Edge NXT™. Few organizations have our team’s level of experience in guiding FundWare users through the steps of creating a conversion plan to ensure a smooth transition to Financial Edge.   BB.ChannelPartner

While this project may seem like a daunting task, Blackbaud and Capital Business Solutions are providing a great option to move your organization to the next generation fund accounting system, including

  • A streamlined migration process
  • Significant loyalty discounts on software
  • A modern web-based solution that allows for timely, easy-access to key information

If you are ready to discuss your organization’s needs, please contact Bob Schilling at (888) 249-6008 Ext 110, email or fill out the form below.

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