The Raiser’s Edge® is a powerful fundraising, donor management, and school management software for K-12 educators and school administrators. Its innovative platform helps faculty, administrators, and volunteers work together to create a welcoming and positive school environment.

Having a hard time setting up your Raiser’s Edge software for success? Our Raiser’s Edge services and training consultants are here to help!

The Raiser’s Edge Services for K-12 Schools

We offer K-12 educators and school administrators a unique Raiser’s Edge consulting approach. From Raiser’s Edge database cleanup to custom programming to expert training, we can help your teachers and school administrators understand your fundraising software. Our The Raiser’s Edge services for K-12 schools include: database cleanup, software assessment and evaluation, training, custom programming, and ongoing training plans.

The Raiser’s Edge Database Cleanup

implementation iconSwitching to The Raiser’s Edge from another fundraising software can be overwhelming and confusing. You’ll need to import your data, configure settings, install specific modules, and start learning your way around a new setup.

To make the transition easier, our Raiser’s Edge consultants can install, configure, and get your software, and your team, set up for success.

The Raiser’s Edge Software Assessment & Evaluation

student billing iconUndergoing a Raiser’s Edge software assessment and evaluation can give you more insight into how your database can work for you. Think of it like a check-up for your software.

Our consultants can review your plugin-ins, modules, setup, integration with other systems, etc. to help you maximize the power of The Raiser’s Edge.

The Raiser’s Edge Training

training icon 1Our custom Raiser’s Edge training for educators and school administrators can help you:

  • Target and identify your best alumni and donor prospects;
  • Set up custom, role-based dashboards to better track and manage your performance;
  • Learn Raiser’s Edge best practices for increased efficiency;

The Raiser’s Edge Custom Programming

installation icon 1Your university has a unique way of doing things – a set list of processes and procedures that work for you and your team. Your fundraising software should complement those processes and procedures, not make it harder for you to reach your goals.

With Raiser’s Edge Custom Programming, we work with you to create custom functionalities within your system that complement your internal process. Examples of custom programming include:

  • Creating specialized reports, forms, statements, etc. that are unique to your needs;
  • Connecting your Raiser’s Edge database to additional software your organization uses, and creating custom import or export updates to keep all your information up-to-date;
  • Tailoring your Raiser’s Edge modules and plugin-ins to your exact requirements.

ExtendedCare Plans for The Raiser’s Edge

In addition to our customized Raiser’s Edge software and training services, we also offer ExtendedCare Plans to K-12 Schools wanting ongoing support.

Support Plans for Raiser's Edge

What Teachers Say About Our Raiser’s Edge Training Services for Schools

“Having an expert look at our specific data in The Raiser’s Edge and tailor the training was well worth it. We were able to save template reports and queries directly to my home page that address my own specific issues. Additionally, the trainer made excellent recommendations for database cleanup to help our reporting be more accurate.”

– Andi Holbrook, Oak Hill School

K-12 Schools We Have Helped with Raiser’s Edge

New Hampton School

Grace - St. Luke's

Meet Your Raiser’s Edge Consultant

Alyson graduated from Davidson College with a degree in English. She has over 20 years of practical experience as both a fundraising professional and donor management services consultant in a variety of settings. Nine of those years were spent in a Director of Development capacity. In 2006 Alyson transitioned into a consulting role and has since worked closely with a wide range of nonprofits, from national organizations to small two to three person shops in education, health and human services, the arts, animal welfare, conservation, foundations and more.

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