Altru Connect provides Organizations with a fully integrated solution allowing Altru transactions to post directly to Financial Edge NXT™

Why Altru Connect?

  • Direct integration using APIs of both Altru and Financial Edge NXT
  • Flexible configuration options to satisfy customer requirements
  • Easy to maintain by customers on an ongoing basis
  • Result: Full Solution, Time Savings, Stay in Sync, Better Customer Experience

Use the links below to access helpful tools, product information, prospect registration and more. 

Organizations using Altru Connect include:

Altru Connect List Pricing:

$5,000 per year with 3 year agreement + $4,000 one-time setup fee

Special pricing available for certain configurations. Contact your CBS Arts and Cultural Channel Partner Team Representative for details and a quote.

How we can work together:

Streamlined Sales Process – Capital Business Solutions can provide both the Altru Connect and Financial Edge NXT demo.  It is important to get us involved early if possible.


Peter Saul, Arts and Cultural Channel Partner Team

Capital Business Solutions

Direct: (919) 342-5083

Danielle Stunzi, Blackbaud Channel Account Manager


Direct: (843) 654-3797