Abila MIP Advance™ combines the time-tested Abila MIP™ platform with a fully integrated cloud suite, enabling nonprofit organizations and municipalities to manage their financial growth easily and confidently, anytime and anywhere.

Abila MIP Advance™ Overview

MIP Advance takes the Abila MIP Fund Accounting™ platform to a new level, modernizing the solution while still providing a powerful user experience. With new, robust features, you’ll be able to make better financial decisions that will grow and sustain your organization for the long term.

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Features of Abila MIP Advance™

Abila MIP Advance™ is purpose-built for nonprofit and government accountants, addressing specific financial management needs with key features.

Abila MIP Advance™ Dashboard:
The Abila MIP Advance™ dashboard provides customized financial insight. The dashboard is role-based, showing only the key performance indicators (KPIs) a person needs to perform their job responsibilities.

MIPAdvance Dashboard

Drilled-Down Data:
The dashboard also allows you to drill-down into your data. This will give you a better understanding of your numbers, and shows data in easy to read graphs.

MIPAdvance Drill-Down

Running reports is quick and easy with the preset list of the most used and needed reports. From Balance Sheets to Statement of Cash Flow, effortlessly click, run and review to get the financial data you need. You can also sort, customize formatting, drill-down and more to give you further insight into your numbers.

MIPAdvance Reports

Cloud Technology:
As a fully-integrated cloud suite, your organization will never have to worry about hardware, upgrades or patches for Abila MIP Advance™. Maintenance, backups, and security are all rolled into the cloud solution, surpassing nonprofit industry standards.

Simplify Your Accounting Processes with Abila MIP™ and Abila MIP Advance™

You’ll see how this powerful cloud-based true fund accounting™ system can strengthen, streamline, and simplify your processes for easier financial management.

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