The Raiser’s Edge lovers rejoice! Blackbaud recently released Patch 4 to fix and improve updates from the previous 7.9.3 update.

The Raiser’s Edge is one of the best fundraising and donor management software solutions. Organizations can use the software anytime, anywhere with their mobile app – helping to improve acquisition, retention and efficiency.

Since the 7.9.3 update, Blackbaud software users provided honest and direct feedback to help fix problem areas with the software. The result is Patch 4.

The Patch 4 update improves two important The Raiser’s Edge features:

  1. Fixes Query. With the release of 7.9.3, query on query stopped working. Patch 4 re-enables the query on query feature, allowing you to use output queries from Reports and Mail as a starting point.
  2. Renames Headers. Now all export headers can be renamed “friendly” titles, giving you a clear idea of what data each column contains. Patch 4 gives you complete control over the column headers when you export.

If you need help updating your The Raiser’s Edge software, or understanding how the Patch 4 can help your organization, contact us today. Our fundraising software consultants are experienced in The Raiser’s Edge and other Blackbaud software solutions.

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