MIP Advance™, a cloud fund accounting suite for nonprofit organizations. With MIP as its base, MIP Advance™ is a modernized, powerful platform that allows nonprofits to manage their fiscal and financial needs with confidence and ease.

“From the pioneers of true fund accounting for nonprofits, MIP Advance delivers more than three decades of expertise, experience and success to the cloud,” said Krista Endsley, CEO. “For nonprofit organizations, true fund accounting is the only real option to ensure the integrity of their systems and the financial accountability boards and constituents expect. As nonprofits, associations and municipalities grow, the nature and complexity of their accounting changes. They need a true fund accounting solution that will provide the necessary flexibility to properly manage their resources and mission. MIP Advance is taking nonprofit financial management to new levels.”

Inside MIP Advance™

MIP Advance™ is a True Fund Accounting™ software, purpose built for nonprofits to serve their unique needs. Cloud-based platform allows nonprofits to:

  • Propel their mission forward using clean and accessible reports and analytics
  • Access data on the go, from any device, anywhere
  • Integrate with a variety of other applications to improve efficiency

MIP Advance includes functionality for budgeting, bank reconciliation, electronic requisitions, payroll and more.

Users of the new software have praised its user friendliness, with one person saying, “it’s very high level, and includes all the main thing our board members and even our department heads want to see.”

Discover for Your Nonprofit

To learn more about their suite of MIP fund accounting software solutions, contact Bob Schilling at 877-889-0629, email bschilling@capitalbusiness.net, or contact us online!