DrillPoint Reports Software Non-profit organizations already have a lot to deal with: fundraisers, events, donor management, etc. With everything else going on, financial reporting needs to be as easy as possible.

And DrillPoint Reports’ goal is just that – to make reporting as easy as possible. Simply access the financial information in Microsoft Excel® for an easy to understand format. DrillPoint Reports also allows the user to choose from pre-formatted templates so that you can cater your reports as desired.

One of the many benefits of DrillPoint Reports is the ability to change information as needed. Organizations can add graphs, edit data, add formulas and more so that reporting and presentation are personalized. The software also offers enhanced security to keep data protected.

Benefits of DrillPoint Reports

  1. Detailed Information: DrillPoint Reports allows the user to drill down, directly from Microsoft Excel®, to specific transactions and source documents for more detailed information. The purpose of this is to save time by not having to go back to Abila Fund Accounting for more information. Forgoing this extra step will be beneficial to the non-profit in the long run.
  2. Leverage Microsoft Excel® Usage: By integrating DrillPoint Reports with Microsoft Excel®, non-profits will easily be able to change and manipulate their data. This feature allows the addition of graphs and charts to enhance reports and presentations.
  3. User-Designed Fields: This feature allows the user to create statistical or outcomes measurement reporting based on the way data is viewed.
  4. Grouping Tool: DrillPoint Reports allows the user to group account segments into linear style account reports. This will help the user view their organized data for presentations and reports.
  5. Full Integration with Microsoft Excel®: The reporting tool will synchronize all of the user’s information within Microsoft Excel®. This allows integrating with Abila Fund Accounting in real-time.

Capital Business Solutions’ principal Robbie Pollock swears by DrillPoint Reports success for non-profit organizations: “Other users within a nonprofit rely on the accounting team to provide the reports they need for the operations and projects they manage. Typically, accounting must either create reports as requested or teach department managers how to use the accounting system – which most people outside of accounting find challenging.”

With DrillPoint Reports, non-profit organizations can wave goodbye to disorganized and unintegrated data for user-friendly software that will save you time and hassle. To learn more, contact Bob Schilling at 877-899-0629 or email bschilling@capitalbusiness.net. You can also fill out our online contact form!